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How to choose your industrial air compressor?

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How to choose the perfect industrial compressor?

As an industrialist, when you are looking for a product or a service, it means that you have identified upstream a need or a specific challenge that must be met.

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This state of affairs is even stronger in the industrial field with regard to the many parameters that come into play:
Technical auditFeasibilityReliability of the product or serviceProduct technical characteristicsInstallationCommissioningSAVCost

Compress air in the industrial sector is often link to production. This is why it is important for you as an industrialist to be equip with a screw compressor that will meet your challenges and your objectives.

What characteristics for your industrial compressor?

One of the biggest challenges you will have in choosing your industrial compressor will be determining your needs in terms of pressure, flow, or power. The air compressors available on the market are becoming more and more advance in terms of technology. Therefore, understanding the application or use you want to make of your industrial air compressor is very important. Choosing the wrong air compressor can lead to production problems and increase energy loss costs.

What level of pressure do I need?

Pressure is a common measuring point in the compress air world. It is important to understand it in order to direct you to the right industrial compressor.

Pressure can be measure in “bars” (unit of measurement for pressure). In summary, pressure corresponds to an act of pressing or passing, it is the intensity of the force exert uniformly on a surface.

In other words, your industrial compressor will need to generate enough pressure to perform a given task.

Example: Suppose your air compressor task is to push parts from one assembly line “A” to another assembly line “B”. Knowing that each part of this chain weighs 5 kg, suppose that the pressure require to push apart from belt A to belt B is 100 bar. This means that if your industrial air compressor does not deliver a pressure equal to or greater than 100 bar, then the task will not be accomplish.

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How Much Flow Volume Do I Need?

The flow rate can be express in a different way depending on the application or the locality: liters per second (L / s) or in cubic meters per hour (m3 / h).
The difference between generated flow and rest:

The flow rate corresponds to the quantity of liquid or gas supplly by a device during a define period of time. The level of throughput required is determine by the time require to complete a given task. In other words, the flow rate represents the ability of an industrial air compressor to continue to produce compress air for a given period of time.


Take the example of the assembly mat and its parts. Advancing the belt a certain distance every hour will require less throughput and can be achieve with a smaller compressor and storage tank. The industrial compressor will start, stop and fill the storage tank for the next time the parts on the belt need to advance. However, if the woodblock is to be constantly move within a given period of time, more and more continuous airflow will be require, thus requiring a larger air compressor. If the flow is insufficient, the process will require frequent pauses while the compressor increases the pressure in the reserve tank, indicating that the compressor may be undersize.

In conclusion, when you want to optimize your compress air production for a given application, it is important in choosing your new industrial compressor to consider the flow deliver for a certain pressure.

The best way to know precisely the total flow require for your industrial air compressor, depending on its application, is to perform a “ compress air audit ”, which can be perform by a professional compress air sales professional. At Pakistan, we perform this compress air audit for free!
It is important to keep in mind that rotary screw air compressors tend to produce more flow per kW or HP than reciprocating compressors.

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In summary

To sum up, pressure is determine by the work you are doing, while flow rate requires understanding how often the work needs to be done or how many jobs you are doing at one time. It is important to understand that under sizing an air compressor will lead to pressure drops and an inability to complete a task , while oversizing the unit can lead to future mechanical issues and potential failure. of your industrial compressor.

If you are unsure of how to size your new compressor for an existing or new application, always contact a compress air sales professional for an audit.

Choose your industrial compressor according to your objective: Discover our range of industrial compressors.

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