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Benefits of Electric Riding Lawn Mowers – Short Guide

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Now that battery-powered and electric lawn mowers have hit the market thanks to technological advances, many landscapers are questioning whether it’s time to switch from gas lawnmowers.

Gas and electric lawnmowers have various advantages and disadvantages, which must be taken into consideration before making the move.

It’s possible that you’re beginning to doubt the efficacy of electric lawnmowers.

There are many benefits to using a battery-powered lawn mower over a gas-powered one.

However, the manufacturer determines which one is best for your landscaping business.

We’ll examine the benefits of electric lawn mowers in this post.

Electric Lawn Mowers Are Great for The Environment Since They Don’t Emit Harmful Emissions:

Electric zero-turn mowers do not pollute the environment since they have no moving components.

They don’t have a gas engine and instead depend on batteries for all of their power.

Because they don’t consume any fuel, zero-turn mowers are completely pollution- and exhaust-free.

We recommend reading our best electric riding lawn reviews to learn more about it.

Less Care Is Required with Electric Lawnmowers:

There is no comparison between electric motors and internal combustion engines.

Autos, power equipment, and other machinery employ internal combustion engines for power generation.

These engines’ moving parts need oil lubrication if you want them to last and operate well.

It’s inevitable that oil will deteriorate and lose its efficacy, demanding both effort and the purchase of new components in order to replace it properly.

The Gravely Pro-Turn EV does not need regular engine oil changes, so there is no downtime or extra expenditures.

Spark Plugs Are Not Required for Electric Mowers:

Because electric lawnmowers do not use spark plugs, their power is always constant and reliable.

A spark plug inspection, replacement, or re-gapping will no longer be necessary, saving you both time and money.

A fouled spark plug in a gasoline engine might prevent the spark plug from igniting.

This may result in the engine not starting or misfiring, which will reduce the vehicle’s power.

For as long as the batteries are charged, battery-powered lawnmowers may run at full power.

There Is No Air Filter on Electric Mowers:

Unfortunately, there is no way to pull air into electric motors at this time.

Air filters no longer need to be checked, cleaned, or changed, saving both time and money.

A dirty or dusty environment has no effect on the health and reliability of an electric lawnmower.

There Are No Moving Components in An Electric Lawnmower:

In contrast to most other electric mowers, Gravely’s Pro-Turn EV has no belt.

A separate motor drives the mower’s wheels and spindles since there is no mechanical connection between the mower’s moving components and the power supply.

With this, you can forget about belt failure and its associated downtime.

As a result, you won’t have to be concerned about anything knocking the belt off the pulley ever again.

Electric Lawn Mowers Are Quieter:

The functioning of an electric lawnmower is much more discreet than that of a gas-powered one. In terms of noise, the blades of the Pro-Turn EV are like vacuum cleaners.

Moreover, if you’re using a gas-powered lawnmower, you can hear it from the subway.

Using a quieter lawnmower near schools, nursing homes, and hospitals is feasible since it is less bothersome to the inhabitants’ hearing.

Using an Electric Lawnmower Rather of A Gas One Is More Efficient:

There are no spindles, pulleys, or fuel systems that wear out with electric mowers. 

This means that they have a longer lifespan than gas mowers.

There is no doubt that the spindle and wheel motors in the Pro-Turn EV have bearings with such exacting specifications that they will outlive any transaxle or spinning bearing. 

Pro-Turn EV’s batteries are expected to endure through 1,000 charge cycles.

When compared to a commercial lawn mower engine, this is a significant amount of time: 10 years or more, depending on usage.

The Bottom Line:

Because there is no engine noise, riding on the Pro-Turn EV mower is already more enjoyable than on a gasoline mower.

Belts that quickly wound through spindle pulleys are also to blame.

Commercial lawn mowers manufactured and sold under the Gravely brand have the same conveniences as their consumer counterparts.

Adjustable steering levers and a full-suspension seat are also included in the package.

Now that we have made it easier for you to choose the ideal riding lawn mowers, we hope that you find one.

Good Luck with it!

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