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Dryer won’t dry clothes but gets hot? All Possible Solutions

Vitaly Stotland

We lead quite busy lives between work, socializing, parenting, and taking care of our home. Fortunately, we have home appliances and tools that make housework easy and efficient, like washing dishes in a dishwasher, cleaning floors with a vacuum, and washing clothes with a dryer washer. One of these devices is the clothes dryer. Yet Without them, washing clothes would take a lot more time and effort. However, What if your dryer won’t dry clothes but gets hot? If your dryer doesn’t dry, it can be a big problem and an expensive replacement. Thus, Before replacing, check if you can fix the problem. Hence, To help you, take a look at these common dryer problems and troubleshooting tips.

Plugged in the dryer?

Is the dryer plugged in and has power? Yet, if you see a sign of the dryer turning on or check the circuit breaker. Therefore, If the dryer circuit trips, reset it. Moreover, In the case of an electric dryer, it works on two circuits: one for the heating element and one for the rest of the dryer. Hence, If your dryer heats up but does not dry, one of the two circuits may have tripped. Moreover, Check the circuit breaker again and reset the circuit if necessary.

Are you overloading the dryer?

Be careful not to put too many clothes in the dryer. This can put undue stress on the dryer motor, drum bearings, and other dryer components. Additionally, It can also prevent clothes from drying. There are two main functions that clothes dry quickly, heat and airflow. The heat heats the water in the clothes to turn them into steam. The warm air then pushes the steam out of the dryer and away from the clothes.
Placing too many clothes in the dryer could block an important flow of air. It keeps the steam trapped in clothes, building up moisture, slowing down the drying process. Services like Dryer Vent Cleaning in Alpharetta, GA, recommend not overloading the dryer for its best performance.

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Check ventilation and duct

As mentioned, airflow plays an important role in helping clothes dry. However, clogged vents can cause poor airflow in dryer systems. One way to tell if the dryer has to clog is to turn on the dryer and go outside to feel the airflow coming out of the vent. If it’s slow and not too hot, you may need to clean your vent as well.

Try these steps to clean:

Unplug the dryer

Move the dryer away from the wall and separate it from the ventilation.
Remove the ventilation cover from the outside and start cleaning the ventilation opening.

The cause of the blockage is most likely a buildup of lint. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove lint from inside your vent. When the dryer vent is clean, reconnect it back and slide the vent back into place, plugging it back in.

Clean the lint trap

Lint buildup is dangerous, especially if it obstructs airflow. As you read earlier, airflow is an essential part of a properly functioning dryer. It is why make sure your lint trap is clean and get in the habit of cleaning the lint trap after each use. For best results, local HVAC Cleaning in Alpharetta GA services can help maintain the dryer system. This way, you will have a thorough cleaning and allow them to dry clothes completely.

Check the door switch

Your dryer has a door switch that prevents the dryer from operating when the door is open. If your dryer isn’t working, make sure to close the door. If the dryer still doesn’t work, open the door to press the door switch before starting the machine. When the dryer turns on, all you may need to do is to see if the door switch closes. If it still doesn’t work, you may have a broken door switch that needs fixing or replacing.

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Are your clothes too wet? The dryer doesn’t need to iron wet clothes. It just spins to remove excess water from the clothes to dry. If they are still wet, try giving them a half or full-cycle again to let them dry.

Check the drive belt

Part of the air circulation through your clothing is the flip function. Your dryer spins the drum. It holds clothes with the help of a belt that’s connected to the motor. It has issues. The dryer won’t dry clothes but gets hot.

Check the heating element

As mentioned above, your dryer uses heat and airflow to dry clothes. There may be two types of heating systems, electrical and gas-based systems. In electrical-based drying systems, a heating element heats the air. In gas-based dryers, a gas burner heats the air. Check and make sure that the heating element is heating the air. Therefore, see if the heating element is free of debris and does not touch other dryer parts. However, If the heating element does not work, Dryer Vent Cleaning in Alpharetta GA services recommends replacing them.

Check the dryer fan wheel

The fan wheel of your dryer provides the airflow. It draws in air from outside, blows it through the heating element, which warms it up. Thus, It then flows through the drum and the vent. However, Any rattling noises and violent vibrations can be signs of problems with the fan wheel. Try these troubleshooting steps if that happens:

  • Unplug the dryer and open the back of your dryer to access the fan. A screwdriver or a socket wrench will play a part here.
  • Open the rear panel and check the fan wheel for any cracks or obstructions that prevent it from turning.
  • To remove the fan wheel, you may need to open the dryer wider. For that, separate the top and front panels of the main dryer cabinet.
  • Take the drum out of the drum storage so you have full access to the motor.
  • Unscrew the fan wheel from the motor.
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Replace thermal fuse

The thermal fuse is a safety component of your dryer that prevents overheating. A blown thermal fuse can prevent one or more (if not all) of your dryer components from working properly.

How to change the thermal fuse:

  • Unplug the dryer.
  • Open the rear wall of the dryer.
  • Unscrew the thermal fuse, which is the reason why the dryer does not dry.
  • Replace it with a new thermal fuse

Replace the motor

The dryer motor plays an important role in turning the fan wheel. It allows air to pass through the dryer and spin the drum. Therefore, A faulty motor can cause the dryer to heat up, not drying your clothes. Moreover, If there’s power and the motor doesn’t run, it’s time to replace it. However, This process involves disassembling your dryer. Thus It includes removing the front panel, top, rear panel, drum, and possibly other parts. Perhaps, Find its owner’s manual for assistance or ask a local HVAC Cleaning in Alpharetta, GA services for help.

Replace the control panel

The Control panel is where you set the timer and temperature level and hit start to get things going. However, If your dryer control panel is not working, the dryer isn’t working properly. Therefore, It is possible to change the damaged components instead of changing the entire panel.

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