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When can Sheesham go out of Trend? The answer is never!

saraf furniture
Saraf Furniture

Though 2020 was quite unpredictable for each one of us but the best thing we loved about this year was being able to spend some time with our families in our fast-paced life. So, many of you definitely want to look ahead for the latest furniture trends this year. This is the best time to spruce up your home a little.

To add the overall décor and change the feel of interior design of your home, the right kind of furniture is very important for giving aesthetic look to your home.

Let’s give a look to some trends to make your place vibrant and it is a great idea to go for home makeover.

  1. Rounded furniture: Last two decades were all about straight lined furniture. But with 2021 curves are returning back with their style. Pick chairs with slightly rounded legs with rounded back from living room furniture online. Saraf furniture has beautiful round coffee tablesto match with your rounded rug which will complement the curves of your furniture.

Round tables are the great addition to the smaller spaces and no one get the aesthetic look that a round table can bring. It gives modern and versatile look to the place. It is an amazing way to make focal point in any living room.

  • Light colored wood: Solid sheesham wooden furniture gives the light tone to your room. Light colored wood brings warmth to the room. Sheesham wood is also sustainable to the environment.

The new set of sofa cum bed is available in both dark and light colour. Also find exciting discounts on sofa cum bed price and make the place gorgeous with this coming trend.  

  • Eco-friendly décor: We should start preserving our nature after going through a lot last year. Use more natural materials for designing your home and make it more sustainable. Less use of plastic makes it more eco-friendly.
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Use biodegradable materials like Sheesham wood for complete furnishing rather using synthetic furniture. Go for least carbon footprint materials to make the place eco-friendly.

  • Retro elements: Travel back to 80s with bringing in the colours, glam and glitz in your life. To make the retro look you should know how to make colours coordinate and catchy with each other. Use temporary elements lie wallpapers or faux arches. It is all about giving a grand look to your living area. For example, you can go for arch shaped gateway instead of simple door.
  • Go contemporary: You can go forcontemporary designs for your interior home. Sheesham wood is one of the finest example of adding beauty to the room. Saraf furniture is also known for best office furniture stores. The solid sheesham made office tables boost the appearance of the room. It is perfect for those who are looking for modern and contemporary designs both.

These five trends are there to give a classy touch to your interiors this year. All products are available in colors, different textures and fabrics. Be stylish and sustainable with following these trends and make your place appealing and elegant with these creative mindful looks.

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