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What causes my kitchen towels to stink, and how to clean them properly?

Bilal Ahsan

What is the origin of the smell on my kitchen towels?

Towels are made to be absorbent, which means they might absorb things you don’t want them to. The most typical cause of odour is because you use them to wipe off your hands, food and beverage spills, and other debris in the kitchen. All those components on the towel could lead to the formation of bacteria, resulting in unpleasant odours, if you do not wash them right away.

The odour and bacteria will not only linger on the towel, but they may also spread to all of the surfaces you wipe, increasing the risk of infection. Regularly replacing and cleaning your kitchen cloths is necessary to keep your kitchen smelling fresh.

How to clean Stinky Kitchen Towels?

There are various strategies for removing the stench from our kitchen towels. You can use both commercial and natural products, but first and foremost, figure out what temperature to wash kitchen towels at.

Employ the warmest temperature recommended on the fabric care label, regardless of the method you use to remove the odour. The more heated the water, the more effective it is at removing smells and microorganisms.

  • Use bleach to clean them.

White materials are popular because they make the kitchen look modern, clean, and sanitary. They are more susceptible to stains and filth, but bleach may help refresh your greasy kitchen towels and eliminate odours by destroying any bacteria on them.

While you may be tempted to soak your white tea towels in bleach, this is not a good idea. Instead, depending on how many towels you want to launder, fill your washing machine with water. To avoid harming the towels, add a small amount of bleach according to the package guidelines. Allow the washing machine to agitate for a few minutes to help the bleach and water combine properly, then add your towels to the mix.

  • Make use of detergents.

 It keeps the colours and does not have a strong odour, unlike bleach.

The most effective method is to soak the garments in warm water before washing them: fill a bucket halfway with hot water and add the detergent. The towels should then be added and left to soak for a few hours. Remove them from the detergent solution and wash them in a hot cycle in the washing machine.

  • Immerse it in a vinegar and baking soda solution.

Some of us prefer to help the environment by using natural techniques. One of the most common and efficient natural ways to clean your kitchen cloths and get rid of unwanted kitchen odours is to soak them in vinegar.

To begin, fill a bucket halfway with hot water and add a cup of vinegar. If you have more towels, you can use more vinegar to get a better result. Add the towels to the mixture, sprinkle them with baking soda, and soak them for a few hours. Finally, take them out and wash them on a hot cycle in the washing machine.

If the stink persists, you can continue the cycle or run the towels through yet another wash cycle in the washer. It’s also critical to hang the towels as soon as possible after washing them to avoid bacteria regrowth. Allow your kitchen towels to completely dry after each usage to avoid odours. If cleaning your filthy tea towels is impossible, consider replacing them for hygienic and aesthetic reasons.

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