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What are the top 7 trends of window blinds 2021?

Anna Smith

At home, in the office, or even at your favorite restaurant, there are times when you need to block out light and create a more private setting. While window blinds may seem like an obvious solution, there are actually many different types of window coverings that can help with this issue. From roller shades to Roman shades and beyond, each option has its own benefits for homes and businesses alike. Check out the top 5 trends below!

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Here we have compiled the top 7 window blind trends for 2021: 

1. Solar Shades

These provide an energy-efficient alternative to typical window coverings allowing heat and light into the room while providing privacy when needed. They can also significantly reduce noise levels from outside traffic or neighbors making them perfect for bedrooms where you might want some extra shut-eye during the day! 

2. Wood Blinds

Wood blinds give an elegant look with their natural wood grain patterning that provides warmth to any space they occupy. The wide variety of Roman Shades- These are a great way to add color and pattern to your room. This trend is best with neutral walls, wood floors or rugs, and simple furniture pieces. Keeping things minimalistic will make it easy for these window treatments to take center stage!

3. Horizontal Slat Blinds

A more traditional wood blind comes with vertical or horizontal wood slats. This type of wood blind provides the style of wood grains but with more opacity, representing a higher level of privacy than solar shades. They also allow for easy cleaning with an occasional gentle wipe down.

4. Kidney-Shaped Woven Wood Blinds

A great way to add pattern and warmth to a room, but also add a fun and interesting shape. This wood blind is great for big windows especially those that let in ample amounts of light! 


5. Roller Shades

One of the most practical and budget-friendly window treatments out there! These shades come in an array of colors and patterns and will make your windows look stylish while still providing the functionality you need!

6. Faux wood instead of real wood:

This is especially popular with homeowners who do not wish to deal with all the upkeep required by real wood blinds but still want the classic look that comes along with it. 

7. Wood finishes on plastic materials:

This trend has been around for quite some time now, but recently there has been a surge in popularity for this type of material due to its

Window blinds are a great way to add style and functionality to your home. With so many different styles, materials, colors, and options available it is important that you know what will work best in your space. If you are a homeowner and want to buy window blinds for your home or office, then always reach out to a professional window blind seller in your area. These window blind experts will not help you in choosing the right type of blind for window treatment but will also help you in its maintenance!

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