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What Are the Different Types of TV Wall Mounts That Exist Today?

Hussain Ali

Is your home limited in space for a TV stand? Do you need a way to hang your TV on the wall, but aren’t sure what type of wall mount to use?

Thanks to some innovative designs and the advent of flat-screen TVs, you can now choose from more types of TV mounts than ever! It’s helpful to familiarize yourself with the different types of tv wall mounts, and then decide what will work for you.

Here’s an overview of the main types of TV wall mounts on the market, and how they work in different contexts.

1. Floor Stand

Buying a television can be fun, whether you plan to use it for movie watching, gaming, or work. And it’s now easier than ever, thanks to online buying and the popularity of smart TVs. f you’re looking for bargains, check out the best 4k TVs under 1000.

Along with your new TV, you’ll likely need some sort of TV display mount. If you don’t want to hang your TV on the wall or don’t have enough space, it makes sense to use a floor stand instead. 

Some floor stands are simple, with a base pedestal that holds the support rails upright. Others feature storage shelves or cabinetry under the TV mounting brackets.

2. Wall-flush

The simplest of all the tv wall mount types is a metal frame you can bolt to the wall. It sits flat against the wall and you connect the TV with a series of bolts.

This option will work best if you plan to don’t plan on turning the TV to face different areas of your room. Think of a stable wall hanging over a fireplace, for example.

3. Swivel 

The swivel TV mount allows you to change the angle of your screen with a quick turn. It’s especially suited to flat-screen TVs and is one of the best inventions in the entire television industry. 

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4. Ceiling

Ceiling TV mounts allow you to hang your screen from anywhere on the ceiling. This provides additional flexibility, such as if you want to hang a TV between two rooms. It’s also a great option if you don’t have enough structural supports in the walls to attach a mounting frame there.

5. Full Motion

If you’re looking for complete flexibility, full-motion wall mounts are the best tv wall mount you can choose. They allow you to tilt your TV up and down, side to side, and in and out from the wall.

6. Elbow Mount

Elbow TV mounts allow you to hang a small screen under your kitchen cabinets, a closet shelf, or anywhere you have an overhang. If you have no wall space available to hang a TV, this option will help you utilize other areas in your home- even hidden ones!

Pick the Best From the Many Types of TV Wall Mounts

Now that we’ve introduced you to the different types of tv wall mounts, it’s time to pick the best option for you. For best results, base your decision on where you want your TVs, and how flexible your display needs to be.

If you still aren’t sure, purchase one from a seller with a good return policy. Sometimes the best way to pick something is to try several options before settling on the best one.

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