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Want to Buy a Recliner? Here’s What You Got to Know

Toshni Sharma

Buying furniture for your home, whether it is your living room, your bedroom or your study, is a serious task. And it becomes even more tedious when you take Recliners into account. Buying recliners online can be a big expense- there are so many things that you need to consider- one of the bigger one’s being if you need one at all. Especially since you will enjoy the best reclining sofa for years and years to come.

Recliner chairs are a part of home furniture, but they require way more space than what a normal sofa set might need. That’s because they have a mechanism that allows them to move back and forth- which allows you to almost lay back (recline) with your legs supported by the front of the chair that can mechanically move up. 

One other thing to decide is the kind of reclining chair you want. There are 3 different mechanisms that you can buy- Automatic, Manual and Revolving. Listed below are the differences between the three.

Manual Recliner chair

A manual reclining chair requires your body weight to move back and push back by using your hands as leverage. It also requires that you manually push a button or pull a lever to get the chair to work. There are many things to consider before you buy a manual chair-

  • They are way less bulky and do not take up as much space as other, typically ‘automatic’ chairs would. 
  • Since they are built without a motor and other equipment stuffed inside them, they have a lot of room to be plush and cushy!
  • They, however, need physical power and pull to function. This may end up making using the recliner harder for older people. 
  • Some chairs may only have two settings- one normal and the other reclined because you would need to adjust the chair manually. 

Automatic recliner sofa

Different from mechanical sofas in the sense that automatic recliner chairs require power to function, without which they would just be chairs. All you really need to do is sit and push a single button- and voila- you’ve got a a comfy automatic chair!

  • Powered chairs are extremely easy to use. They often have a panel on the arm of the chair, making it easy to reach. It’s a luxurious addition to the living room furniture and can be a great place to just relax.
  • Automatic chairs are perfect for people who need additional help getting up- like pregnant women, older people or others who require assistance. 
  • Since they are electronic recliner seats, they require an outlet to work- which can be difficult to arrange in the middle of the living room.
  • You may face some issues with the maintenance as the motor is electrical. And for smoother functioning- you would need to get it checked professionally. Also, they may not last as long without being looked after by an expert. 
  • Automatic chairs may also look bulkier and have a classic reclining chair-like look that many are used to.
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Revolving recliner sofa set

The revolving, or ‘swivel’ reclining sofa has a full range of motion. It allows people to not just to move up and back, like most such chairs do, but they also allow the user to move around a full 360 degrees. They come with a lot more precautions and features too-

  • In case you want to buy an electrical swivel chair, chances are that the wires may move every time you move as well. What’s more- this may cause a lot of problems for you as loose wires are tripping hazards and can cause a lot of other electrical problems as well. 
  • One major thing, since revolving recliners can open up in any and all directions, they would require appropriate space in all directions, unlike the usual manual or automatic chairs. 

Such chairs have recently become an important part of the decor of a house- it’s a marker of luxury and elegance as well. You can buy any recliner online from Woodenstreet- be it Manual, Automatic or even revolving. What’s more, you can get them at an affordable price and the just sir and recline.

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