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Vape Guides: How To Use An Electronic Cigarette

Mellisa Joseph

Understanding how to properly use an electronic cigarette comes with experience. We will save you time and give you several practical instructions that will help you avoid many problems with your device in the future and enjoy the vaping process to the fullest.

In this article, you’ll be going through detailed instructions for beginners on how to use a vape or electronic cigarette. How to fill liquid, how to steam?

The next question for a beginner, after choosing a device, becomes a dilemma – how to use a vape. With all the simplicity of the device, it is very important to properly care for it and follow the procedures according to clear instructions.

A vaporizer or atomizer is the heart of an electronic device.

Beginners are advised to buy ready-made assembled models so that there are no difficulties when connecting all the components. You also need a small volume of liquid with a pleasant aroma of 20 – 30 ml.

A vaporizer or atomizer is the heart of an electronic device. Replaceable models are called coils. They are maintenance-free atomizers and are great for a beginner. The manufacturer usually puts a couple of these parts into a kit so that they can be quickly replaced if clogged or misused.

Setting up a vape is a simple matter when performing certain moments – 

In order for the new evaporator to work well, it must be saturated with slurry through a special hole. This is necessary so that a situation does not arise when a powerful battery will send a large amount of energy and the cotton wick disappears.

Let the cigarette sit for 5 minutes so that the coil is well saturated and ready to start working. All these procedures are required for the starting tightening. So it won’t be bitter.

Some models of modern vapes are equipped with indicators that monitor the liquid level. Whether you have one or not, everything is exactly necessary to independently monitor the level of slurry in the tank. If even with the optimal amount of impregnation, the cigarette begins to taste bitter, this is a sign that the atomizer should be replaced for now. The main rule when refueling the tank is not to fill the liquid to the very edges. Leave a layer of air to prevent overflow and leakage of the fragrance.

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Serviced atomizer vape is the choice of confident users who have made vaping smoking a hobby. An experienced vaper will have to change the winding from time to time, which consists of a spiral and cotton wool.

Charging your vape and e-cigarette is as easy as charging your smartphone. At the bottom of the case, there is a USB port through which you can connect the device to a computer or a power outlet. It is best to use an adapter from a cigarette, and not any other that came to hand at home. This will prolong the life of the cigarette and protect it from overheating.

How To Smoke An Electronic Cigarette

The scheme of vape operation is simple – press the button and take a puff. For inexperienced vapers, even such a simple process is sometimes accompanied by a cough, leakage of liquid into the mouth, and other unpleasant effects.

One of the conditions for how to hover correctly is smooth puffs. Often, the novice inhales sharply and quickly, similar to smoking a tobacco cigarette. A sharp supply of air supplies a large amount of energy to the wick, it starts to burn, and this causes a cough. It is recommended to perform measured puffs for 4-7 seconds.

You need to keep the cigarette, not in a strictly horizontal state, but slightly lowering it down. Thus, the cotton wool in the atomizer will be evenly wetted, and steam will be generated correctly.

  • To avoid burning taste, follow a number of conditions:
  • Use only soaked vaporizers and do not smoke-dry.
  • Tighten to approximately the same torque to avoid disrupting fluid circulation.
  • The replaceable evaporator must be replaced in time. Most often, one coil is enough for up to 4 weeks.

The use of a vape is to fill the tank correctly, charge it regularly and use a good quality liquid. Beginners are advised to buy ready-made kits that will make vaping easier.

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Burning taste is also a common problem. It is better not to allow it at all than to try to get rid of it later in vain. It’s easy! Never evaporate all the liquid to keep the tank dry. Use only a sufficiently charged device. Find the tension that works best for you. You don’t need to change it all the time. Set the variable watt for yourself once and forget. Keep liquid circulation to the evaporators to a minimum, that is, do not over-tighten. When using the battery in the variwatt mode, it is imperative to clean the electronic cigarette from contamination a week.

It is important not only to understand how to smoke an e-cigarette correctly but also to choose high-quality vapes and vape flavours from a decent and authentic vape shop. If you take into account all these features of using devices, then you can fully enjoy vaping and forget about all the problems that beginners have. Do not forget that careful use will guarantee the correct operation of the vape and your safety.  

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