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Types of curtain hardware and how to install them

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Types of Curtains: Curtains are one of those home accessories that can be as simple as a drape or as elaborate as a complete room makeover. Curtains come in different materials depending on your personal preference and home decorating style, including cotton, polyester, lace, velvet, silk, and more. Curtains also vary in lengths from curtains for a long window to short curtains for a small window.

Curtains Rods:

Every type of curtain has its hardware attached to the top of the rod (or pole), which includes either tabs or loops. They function with various types of installation methods including rings, clips, hooks, and more.

Install Curtains: The first step is determining what type of attachment you will need for your curtains; this depends on the curtains you choose. 

Curtains Rings:

Curtains Accessories can be attached to rings, clips, hooks, or other brackets that are preset on the curtain rod (or pole). Ring-type fixtures go over rings or loops sewn to each end of the curtain panel; fiberglass rod comes with a loop connection for clip installation.

Curtains were sewn to a sleeve fall onto a hook installed at the back of the windowsill; there is no need to sew these panels together because they work like Roman shades.

Hooks are ideal for short curtains that don’t touch the floor and would gape open if not hooked together. To install one type of hook, measure down from your top window treatment about 1 inch and place another hook directly below it at this same height. Then, hook the two hooks together. This will secure your curtain panels to each other so they do not brush up against the floor.

Curtains Clips:

Clips are easier than ring-type hardware to install because you don’t have to sew loops at either end of the curtains. Clips are also ideal for heavy fabrics that rings may not hold well enough. Curtains sewn between two clips are held securely in place, but pull apart easily when you want them open. Curtains can be hooked onto a clip by wrapping them around it and hooking them together again for security if desired. Rings or clips can also be installed onto rods with a triple-track system which is measured down from the ceiling along the wall about 2 inches; this system works for both curtain rods and poles

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Size Of Curtains for Your Winow

Tips: Curtains should be a little longer than the window to allow for a small fold at the top, which enhances the look of the curtains and blocks out light from outside. Curtains that have been sitting in storage for too long may have become stretched out, so measure them before you install them since they can shrink up to 10 percent when washed. If this is not an option, use a steamer or iron on medium heat to gently press any wrinkles out of your curtains before hanging them up. Curtains will hang better if all hardware is installed correctly beforehand; see above for specific types of hardware used with each type of curtain installation method.

Curtains Measurement & Fixing:

Curtains also need to be measured according to their length and width to determine how many panels you will need and to hang them evenly on the rod. Curtains that gape open at the floor look awkward and can be unattractive, so do this: Measure down from your ceiling about 1 inch and place another hook directly below it at this same height; then, hook the two hooks together. This type of installation will keep your curtains securely closed when needed and closed only slightly when desired. Buy From Curtains Dubai.

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