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Top Reasons to Go for a Custom-Made Engagement Ring

Michel Wilson

Finding the perfect engagement ring can be super daunting. With so many collections and designs to choose from, searching for “the one” becomes a task. Also, with so many mass-produced rings, nothing really seems that special. That’s why bespoke jewellery from Hatton Garden can be a wise purchase.

If you are looking for an engagement ring that truly tells your story, look for a customised one. This will save you from the struggle most buyers have while trying to find the perfect ring and finding a store for jewellery repairing in the future.

If you aren’t convinced yet, let’s dive into some of the major benefits of a bespoke engagement ring.

Opportunity to a dream ring

Women especially have an idea of their dream engagement ring. With bespoke jewellery, you don’t have any restrictions on the shape, size, design, metal or colour. You have full freedom to create a unique ring that reflects their personality while sending the message of promise and love.

No stress with the quality

Most well-known brands have some of the finest collections of jewellery pieces. But there is something different about customised rings. The meticulous detailing and excellent craftsmanship can only be achieved with expertise.

Most jewellery is mass-produced with a specific deadline. With customised engagement rings there are durable materials, intricate designing and excellent finishing work.

Setting the budget

Buying an engagement ring can be a costly affair. Couples often find it difficult to stay within the budget and the wide collections can easily sway you away.

With a bespoke engagement ring, you can be in control of your budget. Generally, on the first meeting itself, a rough budget is set and it doesn’t add up much unless you are going for some big changes.

Collaborating on the design, materials and stones ensures that the whole thing doesn’t overshoot the said expense. You can tone down the clarity or the colour if needed to reduce the cost.

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The symbolism and message

The purpose of going for a customised engagement ring is to add sentimental value and personal touches that your partner will treasure for life.

For instance, when Prince Harry wanted to propose, he went for a stellar bespoke engagement ring with a diamond from Botswana. The place where the couple shares some beautiful personal memories.

That’s the kind of personal touch you can add to your engagement ring if it’s customised.

Shows effort and commitment

Taking the time to customise a perfect ring for your partner shows commitment and effort—a much-needed recipe for marriage. Your partner will appreciate the effort.

Moreover, bespoke jewellery from Hatton Garden or others usually takes a place in the family’s heirloom. They become a part of the family treasure and your future generations can cherish those with their partners.

Some essential tips that will come in handy

While ordering a customised engagement ring for your beloved there are a few useful tips you can rely on:

·        If you haven’t talked about the specifics of the ring they prefer, it is better to go for a timeless design. Elegant, classic rings styles don’t fade away with time.

·        The whole purpose of a customised ring is to make it personal. So, make your ring one-of-a-kind with a message, an inscription, a nickname, a special diamond, or anything personal to both of you.

·        There are online jewellery stores where you can choose everything from colour, size, design, shapes, clarity and so on.

·        Knowing about your partner’s preferences like their favourite colour, designs they prefer, stones they like comes in handy if you want to surprise them.

If you don’t know much about jewellery, go for a company like Prestige Valuations. They are one of the leading manufacturers of bespoke jewellery in London and jewellery repairing services with proficient jewellers who assists you throughout the whole process.

Michel Wilson

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