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Top Occasions when people send Flowers and Cakes in India

Monika Sharma

India is a country of festivals, special occasions, events and celebrations. People love to celebrate occasions in a grand manner and express their emotions with royalty. There are different occasions when surprises and parties bring people together, strengthen their bond and build relations for a lifetime. Some people express through words, some through surprises but everybody loves to express through gifts and cakes. We have shared a list of occasions when you can send Flowers and Cakes.

No matter if it is anyone’s birthday or anniversary, a festival or a success party, giving gifts, flowers and cutting cakes is a ritual. There are many different occasions where people send flowers, bring gifts and cakes to celebrate the occasions.

Send Flowers and Cakes for All the Occasions

Let’s have a look at Top Occasions when people send Flowers and Cakes in India:


There is one special day in every person’s life that is the day he took birth. This is the day when people wish, bless and pray for long and healthy life, send flowers and gifts as a symbol of love and cut the cake for a happy life. Nowadays, many people send flowers in India on birthdays to show how much they care even if they are not physically present.


Anniversary is the perfect day to pamper your lover with special treatment, pampering and care. It is the best occasion to show your love and gratitude for your partner. Many people make arrangements at expensive restaurants, throw huge parties and celebrate this occasion with friends and family. Why not try out a unique way this time? You can surprise your partner by sending cake and flowers by using cake and flower delivery in India at any time. Surprise your partner with some amazing gifts on the same day, all you need is to check out the website and place the order.

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Special Days

Life is like spending a day following a particular routine, but to kill the boredom of the routine people celebrates different days like mother’s day, father’s day, Valentine’s Day, teacher’s day, etc. These days are specially meant for embrace every relation and express without words. On these occasions, giving gifts and flowers is considered very thoughtful and touchy, but, sometimes distances create a mess. Well not anymore, you can easily order flowers gift online and get them delivered on the same day. You can easily send fresh flowers in India in more than 1100 cities just by doing some clicks. So, don’t hesitate, just visit the website and order.


As we all know, India is a country of festivals and exchanging gifts on festivals is like a ritual. You can use the mode of the internet to choose a beautiful gift for your loved ones and get them delivered on any festival, from Diwali to Christmas to Holi. Now, send flowers in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata anywhere in India along with greetings and blessings on any festival.


Sending flowers to a patient is considered a blessing for the patient. It acts a healing element for the patient. So, whenever your loved ones feel sick or in recovery, send your blessings through flowers and a cake for fast recovery.

These are some out of many occasions when people send flowers and cake in India because nothing works better than flowers and cake. So, whenever you want to show your love but feeling shy to express, just try out the power of flowers and cake and enjoy the happiness on the face.

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