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Top 3 Tips for Choosing the Right Outdoor Lantern for You

Hussain Ali

Balmy summer evenings call for long nights outside with friends and family. 

Your permanent outdoor lighting fixtures are there for functional lighting, but outdoor lanterns serve a different purpose. They add atmosphere and create pockets of warmth that invite lingering. 

If you’ve been wondering how to choose the right outdoor lantern for your outdoor area, keep reading for some pointers that will help you.

1. Standing or Hanging Lantern

Outdoor lanterns can be generally split into two types, those that stand on their own and those that have hooks and need to hang. 

Self-standing lanterns are extremely portable and can be moved around depending on your needs. They can stand on tables, or you can dot them along walkways to provide a safe path for guests to walk. 

If you’ve got beams or branches overhead that outdoor hanging lanterns can hook into, you’ll find they provide a beautiful wide-spread pool of light without taking up space on the table or floor.  

Allow the area where the light will be used to help you determine which type will serve you best.

2. Consider the Power Source

There are options to consider when it comes to powering your outdoor lanterns

Solar power is an eco-friendly option that takes low effort and no cost to run. The lights charge during the day and come on automatically after sundown. If you’re only wanting light at certain times, such as when you have guests, solar might not be the best choice for you. 

Rechargeable battery-powered lanterns are a popular option for outdoor areas that don’t receive enough daylight sunshine for solar lights to work. These lights are versatile and come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit your aesthetic and the space you want to light.

Electrically powered lights that aren’t permanent fixtures are a useful outdoor lighting option. This type of lighting usually comes with long power cables to reach where you want to hang them outside.

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Oil or gas-powered lanterns are delightfully vintage and create an authentically warm glow of light.

3. Style and Aesthetics

It’s important to choose an outdoor lantern style that will blend in seamlessly with the rest of the decor of your outdoor entertaining area.

If you have cultivated a minimalist or modern feel, square-shaped or cylindrical lanterns will fit in well. Cylindrical lanterns also suit more traditional aesthetics. For a sophisticated retro look, opt for an empire-shaped black outdoor lantern. 

For an outdoor area that is vintage-styled, the iconic design of an oil or gas hurricane lamp is a perfect choice. 

A Bohemian backyard needs outdoor lanterns that are meticulously decorated and decadently multi-colored. Jar-shaped outdoor lights will transport your guests straight to a rustic cottage in the French countryside.

The Right Outdoor Lantern for Your Space

Finding the right outdoor lantern to match your outside area will take a combination of whether the lantern should hang or be free-standing, what type of power source is most suited to the location, and what style would compliment and enhance your outdoor aesthetic.

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