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The Best Pregnancy Pillows for Women

Ayush Khanna

Pregnancy is a very vital phase of a woman’s life. A lot of internal changes are experienced by a woman through these nine months. Thus, it is very essential to take proper care of oneself during pregnancy. A healthy and proper nutritious diet is very vital during this period. Along with that, proper sleep and rest are also equally important. But, due to the growing weight of your baby in your belly, sleeping comfortably might become a long lost dream. You’ll need something – a pregnancy pillow to keep your baby safe, provide you with sufficient body support in different sleeping positions, and alleviate your body pain while you sleep.

Talking about pregnancy pillows, there are multiple options available. Below are some of them shared to help you choose the best pillow for yourself. There are some best pregnancy pillows available online that can be very useful for pregnant women.

Some of the best pregnancy pillows for pregnant women are:

1) Two in one U shaped pregnancy pillow: With a growing belly, it becomes difficult to sleep sidewise. It is very important to have a cushioned soft pillow on the side for support. This is a very lightweight pillow that supports the neck, abdomen, spine, hips, legs, back. It provides comfort and support and is a must-have for pregnant women. This can also be used after pregnancy as a nursing pillow for feeding the child. What’s more? These pillows from MiArcus are made using premium organic cotton, which adds the added comfort, safety assurance and quality to the product.

2) C shaped pregnancy pillow: This is C-shaped and it removes the usage of multiple pillows to support the whole body. It supports the back, knee, neck and helps provide comfort for a sound sleep. You can buy these pillows online or straightaway visit MiArcus website. They offer a wide range of maternity pillows, made using premium organic cotton.

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3) G shaped: This is an oversized cushion designed according to the shape of a woman’s body. It provides support to both sides of the body and has space so that you can stretch out your body. It keeps your body aligned and provides comfortable sleep to a pregnant woman.

4) Long Side Sleeper pillow: This pillow is designed in a manner to provide comfort and allows you to sleep on your side for a correct spinal alignment. This pregnancy pillow assists in sleeping without harming the baby in your womb, allowing you to sleep comfortably in multiple sleeping positions. 

These are some of the best pregnancy pillows that you can choose according to your comfort. These are extremely soft, filled with premium organic cotton to make sure there is no irritation or aches or pain. You can buy these online on MiArcus. The brand offers a wide range of premium baby care products along with maternity pillows for mothers. All the products are designed with love and care, using premium organic cotton.

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