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Popular One Person Inflatable Kayak

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There are a few different individual inflatable kayaks on the market to choose from. Which models you like will depend on the type of kayak you do the most. If you plan to paddle mainly in the lakes and a calm ocean, you may want to consider the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame inflatable kayak.

I researched many different kayaks when I decided I wanted to switch from a hard kayak to an inflatable. I wanted the comfort of an inflatable and I knew there were some great quality models available. Of all the models I looked at, it was the AdvancedFrame that caught my eye.

It has a fantastic style and reminded me more of a hard case than some of the other models. It is very popular and almost every review I read was very positive.

Some of my favorite features were:

the enclosed cabin gave it a Best Inflatable Kayak feel and offered protection from the elements

it is known to be very stable and offers decent performance
at 36 pounds, it’s light enough to carry anywhere and is still manageable for one person
had a very fast setup time of 5 to 8 minutes
it is extremely affordable and seemed to offer a lot for the money
The Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame is made of PVC material and is very durable and strong.

The specifications are:

Length 10 feet 5 inches
Width 32 inches
Weight 36 pounds
Load capacity 300 lbs

The only flaw I think it has is the low load capacity. 300 pounds is not bad, but if you are an elderly person and want to load it with equipment, the kayak will become very slow. Therefore, this model is better for those who want to use it for easy recreational use instead of multi-day excursions.

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