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Nailing the Details of Industrial Style with Metal Table Legs

Hussain Ali

Metal is one of the hallmarks of industrial style, and choosing furniture with this material makes it easy to create an industrial-inspired space.

If you’re looking for furniture with metal table legs, there are plenty of unique designs to choose from to help you achieve an industrial aesthetic.

Check out these tips to help you nail down the details of industrial style with tables featuring durable, metal legs.

Industrial Table Legs for the Living Room

Adding a few tables with metal legs to your living room will instantly give this space an industrial-inspired touch. Try a durable coffee table with a thick wood top that’s supported by slender metal legs in a deep black finish.

The combination of wood and metal not only makes your living room furniture more durable but also gives the space a bold industrial touch. You can find metal coffee table legs at many furniture retailers, or get creative and try to make your own. Check out some online retailers that sell industrial box section legs, then add your own custom tabletop. 

Try Metal Table Legs in the Dining Room

Your dining room table is a perfect opportunity to showcase some unique industrial styles. Choose metal dining table legs that complement the tabletop, whether they’re finished in a dramatic black or a sleek and shiny chrome. You can also add dining chairs with metal legs for a nice match. 

A metal pedestal base is a bold choice that will help to give your dining table a commanding presence. Seek industrial-style table legs that include rivets or distressed details to bring everything together. Aside from creating a bold look, using metal legs will also ensure that your dining room table is sturdy and durable for entertaining.

Other Options for Industrial Style Table Legs

If you love the industrial design style, you’re not just limited to the dining room and living room. You can incorporate tables with metal legs in your home office and bedroom, too. Whether these tables come pre-made or you choose to craft them DIY, they’ll help to make your entire home look and feel cohesive. 

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Look for a nightstand or end table with metal table legs that you can bring into the bedroom to create a cool aesthetic. This is a perfect choice for loft-style homes and modern bedrooms alike. Choose a desk featuring a sturdy wood top attached to angled metal legs to give your home office an industrial-inspired makeover. 

Bring Bold Industrial Style to Your Home

Choosing furniture with metal table legs is a great way to give every single room an industrial look. This popular design style is functional and unique to ensure that your home has plenty of bold styles that will stand apart from the crowd.

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