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Modern Paintings- History That Unveils

Thomas Bren

Modern art is the creative world’s response to the rationalist methods and viewpoints of new lives and ideas brought about by the industrial age’s technological advancements, which caused current society to manifest itself in new ways in comparison to the past. Artists attempted to depict their experience of modern life’s novelty in new and creative ways. Although the term “modern art” refers to a wide range of artistic genres spanning more than a century, aesthetically, modern art is defined by the artist’s desire to depict a subject as it exists in the world, from his or her own unique perspective, and is typified by a rejection of accepted or traditional methods.

Early Modern Paintings and Classical Art

La Tour Eiffel (1926) by Robert Delaunay is an early example of an artist reacting to modern-day events. From the Renaissance and Baroque periods’ humanist inquiry to the grandiose fancies of the Rococo style and the ideal physical beauty of 18th-century European Neoclassicism, the centuries preceding the modern age saw great developments in the visual arts. However, an idealization of subject matter, whether human, environmental, or situational, was a common feature of these early modern ages. Artists usually painted what they saw with their subjective eyes, rather than what they imagined to be the pinnacle of beauty.

Modernism and Art’s Golden Age

The advent of the industrial revolution in Western Europe in the mid-nineteenth century marked the beginning of the modern age, one of the most pivotal turning moments in world history. The invention and widespread availability of technology such as the internal combustion engine, vast machine-powered factories, and urban electrical power generation radically impacted the speed and quality of daily living. To find work, many people moved from rural farms to city centers, shifting the center of life away from the family and village in the country and toward the burgeoning urban metropolises. Painters were drawn to these new visual landscapes, which were suddenly bustling with activity, as a result of these advancements.\

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Modern Art and Early Abstraction

James McNeill Whistler’s work Nocturne in Black and Gold: The Falling Rocket (1874) indicates the road to abstraction. Similarly, although some artists emphasized objective representation, others emphasized the visual sense of their seen subjects rather than an accurate and naturalistic image of them. In the visual arts, this method reflects the beginnings of abstraction. James McNeill Whistler’s Nocturne in Black and Gold: The Falling Rocket (1874) and Claude Monet’s Boulevard des Capucines (1874) are two notable examples (1873). In the first, the artist uses a combination of huge platters and little particles of paint to create a unique effect.

Modern Paintings and Their Artists 

The top painters and their accomplishments are the histories of contemporary art. Modern artists have attempted to use visual means to express their opinions on the world around them. While some artists have linked their work to previous movements or concepts, each artist in the modern age aimed to elevate their craft to a position of complete originality. Certain painters established themselves as independent thinkers, pushing the boundaries of what was considered acceptable “high art” at the time, as defined by the state-run institutions and upper-class patrons of the arts. Many people thought these artists showed subject matter that was crude, provocative, or frightening.

Wrap Up:

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