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Is it safe to drink out of aluminum cups?

hadiya Arshad
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The answer to the above question is yes. Aluminum tools can be used for both drinking and eating. You can freely use the cups, bottles and other utensils made out of aluminum. You can cook with it too, that is why we use aluminum products unfazed. 

Apart from being completely safe to use, it is 100 percent recyclable and reusable, which can only be offered by very few materials (for example, plastic, glass). There are people who have the wrong perception about using aluminum bottles. But it is okay; people can question what they don’t know about. And this particular article will help you understand the importance and usage of aluminum cups and bottles. At the same time, it will also try to address the misconceptions people have about aluminum as a material.

People are using plastics which are more harmful than any other materials. But regardless of the pollution, they don’t have much idea about the overall negative impact plastic pollution spreading around our own environment. The ill-informed hysteria about aluminum dates back to the early 1900s. A dentist named Charles Truax Betts was the first and only person who was the primary source of this mass hysteria. 

Around the year 1913, Betts came across a major issue regarding gastritis. But he had gone through a wrong diagnosis, and the physicians Betts was consulting gave him three months to live. Heartbroken by the revelation, he returned home and threw away all the tools and materials made out of aluminum. As the three months period passed and he lived. Then he initiated his lifelong protest against the use of aluminum products. 

As it has been already mentioned, he threw away all the aluminum related stuff from home, and after recovering from the disease, he went to his and hurled out all the tools made out of aluminum, thinking the metal was the cause of his sufferings. He started writing false information on the side effects of using aluminum products that have no scientific base. 

His life-long and one-person aggressive campaign against aluminum was not the actual issue until newspapers and companies started using it in their favour. Many different companies benefited from it using the label’ aluminum free’. This mass hysteria caused by a single person who has no scientific reason behind it became the selling point and profitable venture for many companies. 

Later on, another group of scientists went another step ahead, claiming that aluminum is the reason behind Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), which is obviously not true at all. The group of scientists named Terry, Klatzo and Wisniewski used aluminum salts that changed the brain functions of a rabbit. But that too was baseless because other scientists tried the same experiment, and the result was not the same. This incident also gave a further boost to the anti-aluminum propaganda. 

Soon this anti-aluminum propaganda became a myth, and people started to believe that it was true. Aluminum as a metal is completely safe to use. People can use the cups, bottles and other tools made out of aluminum without getting afraid of its negative effects because there isn’t any.

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