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In Living Color: Unique Wall Decor Ideas to Liven up Your Home

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Your walls take up so much room in your home. But how do you make sure they look their best?

With the right decor, your walls will truly make your home look like it came right out of a magazine.

Check out our top unique wall decor ideas today.

Play With Size

Different-sized wall decor can add some different perspectives to your home and draw your eye. Smaller pieces can make your other art look bigger by comparison, and bigger ones will become big conversation pieces.

You can even create your own gallery wall with larger prints to make your home look just like a museum. If you’re not sure what art to buy, you can find more here.

Of course, you’ll want to choose a color scheme for your art. For example, you can create a black and white or greyscale art wall. If you’d prefer something more lively, choose your favorite color and pick art in different shades.

Mirror, Mirror

Hanging mirrors on your wall can make your home look even bigger, so if you want to create the illusion of more space you may want to consider mirrors for your wall decor.

You can choose mirrors of different sizes, depending on what you’re looking for. You can pick simple mirrors with no garnishes, or mirrors with interesting or funky frames for a more creative design choice.

Try Fabric for an Artful Home

Hanging tapestries or other fabric pieces on your walls is a good way to add some texture to your walls and mix things up. You can look for large pieces that cover your whole wall, or smaller ones you can contrast with the rest of your art.

Just pay attention to how your fabric art pieces go with the rest of the fabric in your home. You don’t want your tapestries to clash with your couch, after all.

You can also make more unusual choices for your wall decor. Tie some fabric bows and hang them on your wall for a feminine touch. If you have a particularly interesting blanket or a carpet, try hanging it up on the wall!

Paint a Mural

You don’t need to hang something off your wall in order to add decor. Instead, you can try painting a mural onto your wall. This strategy makes it much easier to customize your art since you can choose your own colors and the design of the mural. So, you can completely ensure it perfectly fits in with the rest of your decor.

Plus, you can mix up your mural with different elements. Add 3-D aspects to your mural for some extra dimension.

Unique Wall Decor Ideas: Get Creative

Ultimately, the key to unique wall decor is personalization and creativity. So, think carefully about what you want from your decor before you commit.

Looking for more design help? Take a look at a few of our other articles for all the help you need.

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