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Hybrid Cycle What are The Pros and Cons

Shailendra Kumar

To be precise Hybrid cycles are perfect for riding up to school or for mountain rides! These bikes can ride smoothly over almost all kinds of terrain. The design of the bike allows one to have extra comfort when riding up a hilly area. And probably this is the USP of this particular bike. But since nothing is perfect in this world, so is the hybrid bike. There are specific pros and cons to it, which you should weigh out before one for yourself. 

Let’s start by looking at the pros-


  • Versatile 

Looking for a cycle that takes you up to the nearest grocery store as well as takes you to the mountain ride? Then the hybrid cycle is just the right choice for you. The manufacturers make the entire body of the cycle keeping in mind the terrain it has to cover. Be it a smooth road or a rocky uphill; you can ride on it without worrying much about the tires. Unlike regular bikes, which have a high chance to skid through mud or sand, this one prevents such things. So if you want a free ride over any terrain, this is the right choice for you. 

  • Comfortable 

You might have noticed that you’ll feel stretch in your legs when you are riding a regular cycle on an elevated road. But with a hybrid cycle, you can ride comfortably, even if it’s up the mountains. You don’t have to slouch down; instead, you can sit straight and have a relaxed ride even through rough terrain. Also, the design of the cycle makes sure that you maintain a correct posture while riding, unlike another regular cycle where you put pressure on your shoulders, neck, and back when you slouch down. 

  • Better control 

When you ride a regular cycle and apply sudden brakes or take turns, it becomes hard to maintain control. But with the hybrid cycle, you always remain in control. The reason is the use of exceptionally strong and wide tires. It is because of these tires that you won’t get a sudden shock/jerk, or you won’t skid. That’s why many people opt for these cycles that help them go for long rides and be safe. 

  • Carry stuff 
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Almost most people have thought that the basket in the cycle should be big enough to carry things? Well, a hybrid cycle solves that problem, as it comes with sufficient space to carry your stuff. Are you planning to take your cycle up to the mountain and set up a tent and along with other necessary things? Well, you can easily carry them in your hybrid cycle! The space to carry stuff doesn’t cause any hindrance to your riding. 

Since every coin has two sides having a hybrid cycle also has its disadvantages. Let’s have a look at them.


  • Isn’t fast 

One primary drawback of the hybrid cycle is it isn’t fast like a regular or mountain bike. It sure does give you comfort but lets you down when you need speed. If you see the design of the cycle, you’ll notice the main motive was to provide comfort rather than speed. So if you need to reach a place in minimum time, then taking a hybrid cycle would make the ride longer than usual. Unlike mountain or regular bikes where you can slouch down to increase the speed, you can’t do that here. As a result, these bikes are not quite the choice for long-distance drives as they’ll take much longer time.

  • Extremely lightweight 

This might sound like an advantage, but in the long run, it wouldn’t be. Materials used to make these hybrid cycles are basically aluminum. Lightweight might help you handle it quickly, but since you’ll be riding it on rough roads, you need a strong structure because a strong gust of wind/storm might affect your balance on the road, which, in turn, might turn out to be quite risky.

  • Costly 

Buying a regular cycle is far more reasonable than buying a hybrid cycle. So if you are looking for a ride to school/college or daily use, these cycles aren’t the right choice.  So, if you’re planning to get this bike, you can take the help of the Bajaj EMI Store.

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Bajaj EMI Store has affordable EMI rates, and an EMI network card helps you to achieve that. This card has a pre-approved loan amount of up to 4 lakhs. So go ahead and buy the hybrid cycle without worrying about the cost.

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