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How to make her chase you in a relationship

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Every man wants to know how to make her chase you with wild abandon. If you’re already with a woman and she isn’t feeling as emotionally connected to you as you once did, things aren’t working. Even if you still love your woman, there are plenty of reasons why you should start to play hard to get. You may even be feeling that you’re being pushed away from her by her attitude.

When you first get together, the dating game is easy. You can let loose a bit and have some fun, which makes the relationship exciting. As the relationship grows and you become familiar with each other, however, the passion may start to ebb. Women tend to get a bit defensive when they feel that a guy isn’t as emotionally invested in the relationship as she is. This can make it difficult for you to make her chase after you romantically.

How to make her chase you

One of the best ways to bring the romance back into the relationship is to start focusing on her feelings. If you’ve always been patient and understanding towards a girl, she’ll be equally as forgiving toward you when you fall into place with her. When you enjoy being with her, she’ll find it easier to chase after you. This is one of the easiest ways of how to make her chase you in a relationship by starting to share her feelings.

Another way of how to make her chase you is to turn her on every chance you get. It’s not always easy to turn a girls’ attraction off, but if you find a way to turn her on, she’ll be eager to pursue you. Some women chase men because they find their guys sexy and intriguing. If you can get your woman turned on by your physical appearance, that helps as well.

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Being attractive is a huge part of how to make her chase you, too. You don’t need to be the most handsome or the best-looking guy in the room to appeal to a girl. If you aren’t naturally gorgeous, there are plenty of attractive guys who don’t have a great body. Women love a guy who takes care of himself. A confident man who takes care of himself also possesses other valuable qualities that make him appealing to girls. If you’re shy or scared around women, there are plenty of guys out there who will appreciate your honesty and your courage to be yourself.

How to make her chase you

The third way of how to make her chase you is to shower her with plenty of compliments. If she knows she’s hot, she’ll chase after you because she wants to be seen by everyone. She wants to feel like everyone is looking at her, including you! If you give her lots of compliments, she’ll get jealous when she sees you drooling all over her, but she’ll also think she’s the most beautiful girl in the world.

How to make a girl chase you start with making her notice your physical appearance. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got the nicest job in the world if you’re average looking or overweight if you’re shy or an outgoing person, you have to present a great physical appearance. Girls go for the guys that take care of themselves, have tons of energy, love sports, and are genuinely nice. Once she takes a look at your physical appearance, all other aspects of your personality will come through.

How to make a girl chase you involves building up the tension between the two of you. By tying up all of the tension between you and her, it makes it much easier for her to fall for you and start pursuing you. When girls sense that there’s a real connection between them and you, they’ll naturally want to join you so they can be with you forever.

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