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How to keep solid wooden furniture well maintained and clean?

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Solid wooden furniture lasts for a long time and can be passed down through multiple generations. Sheesham solid wooden furniture never goes out of style but it is sometimes irritating to clean. Even highest quality wood also gets streaks and scratches if not properly cared.

When it comes to maintenance of wooden furniture several words pop up like dusting, waxing, cleaning, and polishing. If you want your furniture to lasts for long years then it requires good care.

Maintaining wooden furniture varies from piece to piece. You should seek out proper care and guidelines for cleaning before making a purchase at furniture stores in India.

  1. Regular dusting

Maintain frequent dusting to keep your wooden furniture in its best shape. Dust cause airborne deposits that builds up in a filmy layer and scratch the surface of wooden furniture. You can also get allergies with dust and asthma patients are more prone to these dirt particles.

For effective cleaning, you should use dry and soft cloth. To not scatter the dust into air, use damp cloth for cleaning. Then use towel to remove the moisture left on the surface. Feather dusters can be used to clean the furniture pieces with glass table tops.

  • Polish your furniture

Once dusting is done, you should remove waxy layer deposited on the wooden surface. Make use of soap and water to remove sticky spots. After rinsing immediately dry it with a clean and soft cloth. Use furniture oil polishes that contain silicone oil in it. It provides protective layer on it.

Make sure that you do not polish your furniture with pure olive oil as it attracts dirt. After polishing the surface let it dry about half an hour to absorb the polish entirely.

  • Minimal exposure to sunlight

Do not keep your furniture under direct sun. Sometimes the sun’s temperature rises up to more than 140 degrees. It will make fine finishes, and destroy then over time. And later these scratches will cause cracks. UV rays cause dark spots to form on the surface of the wooden furniture. Avoid placing your furniture under any uncovered window to prevent it from direct sunlight. You can either use table cloth to mitigate the effects of sunlight.

  • Keep sharp objects away
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Wooden furniture pieces should be kept away from nay sharp objects at home. As scratches never look good and reduce the quality of your piece. Cover the surface of the furniture with a cloth to avoid any unwanted scratches. Especially when you have children at home you should take care of furniture items more often.

  • Let it age with grace

Furniture ages through time, and you should allow it to do so gracefully. It, like wine, may develop a new personality in its later years. With time, some wood will lighten and some will darken. So, the next time you buy any wooden furniture, pay close attention to how it ages. To get long-lasting furniture go to Saraf furniture, the best furniture to buy online in India.

  • Keep the Wood Smelling New

Older pieces can develop an unpleasant odour, especially if they’ve been stored for a long period. Sprinkle baking soda on the surface to freshen it up, and lay a pan of charcoal within drawers to absorb odours that come from inside. You can even leave the piece outside in the shade on a warm, dry day to get rid of the odour and restore your furniture to its former glory.

The above mentioned pointers will aid in the elegant ageing of your wooden furniture. Of course, different types of wood have varied advantages, but solid wood is highly recommended for its durability and aesthetic appeal. Saraf Furniture is a furniture top brands India which great place to go if you’re looking for high-quality hardwood furniture for your home.

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