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How to choose your sophisticated and fashionable bar stools online in India

sahil singh

No matter what the size of our home is, our humble abode has always been our pride. Decorating our residence gives a sense of pleasure that no words can explain. Whether it is a classic iron chest, a trendy set of sofas, you always have a challenging choice at hand. In addition, choosing apt furniture for your kitchen and dining rooms can be an utter nightmare. You certainly need some stylish bar stools to keep up with the trendy lifestyle. Finding the perfect bar stools online in India is not as difficult as you may think. Before that, you need to choose your bar stools wisely.

Yes, you can go ahead and buy any bar stool that you like. But, the question is – does it suit your home décor appropriately? If you are an impulsive buyer, the most likely answer is no. You should keep certain items in mind before you choose to buy your preferred bar stools.

What should keep in mind before choosing bar stools online in India?


Imagine accidentally purchasing a bar stool that is too tall. How on earth are you going to drink and dine on that? So, ensure that you get the correct height first. A quick pro-tip would be to measure your current kitchen countertop or table. And then, keep a 9 to 12 inches distance between the bar stool’s top and the table’s bottom. So, everyone can dine in comfort. It would be best to keep in mind that the average height of most standard bars is 42 inches. So, you can go for 30 inches bar stool.


Needless to say, if you have been to restaurants, bars, and pubs, you surely noticed a plethora of bar stools. You can find them in numerous sizes and shapes. The four standard styles that are widely seen are:

  1. Upholstered Bar Stools.
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These are mostly seen around kitchen countertops. They are super comfy and undoubtedly add a vibe of formality to them. As such, they are ideal for your kitchen décor.

  1. Bar Stools that Swivel Effortlessly.

These heavy stools are ideal for people of all sizes. After sitting down, people do not need to keep changing their position to be more comfortable. Although it is pretty convenient for adults, it can be hazardous if there are young children around. Swivel stools and swings are a plaything for them. So, it would be wise to avoid such stools if you have children at home.

  1. Backless Bar Stools.

It is the most common design since the advent of bar stools. You can frequently see it in most bars, restaurants, and pubs. Some people surprisingly choose it for their homes too. Plus, you can quickly put them away underneath the table. As such, it saves space. But, they are certainly not the cosiest variant. So, both you and your guests will feel uncomfortable sitting for an extended period.

  1. Bar Stools with Arms.

Perhaps, it is the most comfortable kind of bar stools available in the market. They are undoubtedly comfy and make anyone feel at home. Of course, there are various designs to choose from. So, you will not have any trouble finding the perfect kind. However, ensure that your bar stools with arms can easily slide beneath the table to save space.

If you are pondering the whereabouts of such bar stools online India, here is your answer. You can visit Home Glamour’s website to check out their fabulous collection of bar stools.


Congratulations! You have selected the appropriate size and design of your desired bar stools. Now, you need to choose the suitable material that goes with the décor of your home. You can choose between metal, wood, or rattan and wicker. They have their own drawbacks and benefits. For instance, the wooden bar stools are solid and durable. If the wooden kind appeals to you most, choose wood from eucalyptus or teak. They are known for being insect repellent and can withstand any weather conditions.

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On the other hand, metal bar stools give a sleek, aesthetic modern view. Meanwhile, wicker and rattan have this classic appeal that is undeniably attractive. It can suit your home well if you are into retro looks. Yes, you get to choose from the vast plethora of options. But, make sure that it goes with the other furniture at your home. Of course, Home Glamour provides the best options for bar stools online India. Go, check them out now!

Furnishing your home is a blissful experience. Whenever you look back in time, you will remember this period fondly. If you check out Home Glamour, you can easily find the most affordable yet stylish bar stools in the market today. So, take your time and decorate your home wisely to your heart’s content. You will have a modern home without a dent in your pocket.

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