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How Much Does It Cost To Tailor A Leather Jacket?

How Much Does It Cost To Tailor A Leather Jacket?
Mark Andy

Your cool factor instantly jumps to 100 when you wear a trendy, perfectly fit leather jacket. It gives off bold, confident vibes and makes you stand out from the crowd.   No matter it is one of the best leather jackets for men, if it’s not exactly your fit and hangs loosely around your frame, you won’t be able to pull off a real leather jacket look. In such a situation, it’s a better and wise choice to go for a jacket alteration.

Leather jacket alteration is a complex process and requires the same expertise as stitching a brand new jacket altogether. If you’ve got a leather jacket that doesn’t fit and you’re left with no option but to get it altered, always go to a professional to get the job done.

  • Why Alteration Is Recommended For Leather Jackets

So, here’s the thing, you bought one of the best leather jackets from the online store and you can’t wait to receive it. After shipping, you, unfortunately, realize that it’s not of your size. The sleeves are too long, or the shoulders are too loose – of course, you’d send it for alteration. However, even if the leather jacket fits you at the time of buying, it can get loose after regular wear because that’s exactly how natural leather works. Alteration works the best in making your leather jacket perfectly fit to your size. However, note that not every regular, next-door tailor cannot do the immaculate alteration for your pristine leather jacket.

Indeed, leather is a delicate fabric and requires utmost care and expertise to do the alteration, so it’s recommended to take your leather jacket to a professional unless you’re an expert yourself.    

  • Find A Professional 

Professionals know their craft and flawlessly perform the alteration without damaging your leather jacket. Find a professional tailor in your area and hand over the job to him. Make sure to clearly communicate your requirements and how you want the leather jacket to fit you. Ask them to take your measurements and specify what increments and decrements you want. Remember, a professional tailor – who loves their craft – is always welcoming and open to the recommendations and suggestions of the customers. The service may cost you extra bucks, but it’ll be totally worth it when you wear your perfect fit, custom leather jacket, and look amazing. 

  • Price For Tailoring A Leather Jacket
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Never got your leather jacket tailored before? Then you must not be aware of the costs involved. It’s true that leather alterations are priced more as compared to the alterations on other garments. In general, alteration costs differ based upon the size, number of changes, and the type of leather. But in most cases, it ranges from $50 to $250. And of course, it will vary depending on the region and country you live.     

  • Don’t DIY

It goes without saying that leather is not an easy fabric to work with. You better not try any DIY no matter how easy it looks to do. It’s simple, don’t try performing alteration if you’re not 100% percent sure about your tailoring skills, as the process is complex and requires mastery. Your failed attempt can cause permanent damage to your leather jacket, so it’s better to leave the job to professionals. Always remember, only a professional has the expertise and can provide you the true value for the money you spend. 

  • Parts Of Leather Jacket That Are Difficult To Alter

These are the most difficult parts to alter in a leather jacket.

  • Zippers cannot be removed or altered once they’re sewn in by the tailor. So, it’s extremely difficult to change anything about your zip unless you find some professional to do the job for you.
  • Collar and pocket alterations need special machinery which isn’t found easily. To get them altered on your leather jacket, you need to find an expert tailor with the right equipment. Otherwise, it won’t be possible to get the job done.
  • Sleeves and shoulder seams are also not easy to alter and require high proficiency. 

That was all from our side. Hope you’ll find the above information and tips helpful, thanks for reading! 

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