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Great Ceramic Plates to Update Your Kitchen

Elya Khachatryan
Lenovo Many GEOs

Good dishes can not only cheer you up but also give the house a special warmth and comfort, make the meal solemn and set it in a sublime mood. The style and color of the cookware can increase or decrease your appetite, and you can use this quality depending on what kind of results you want to achieve. If you have a silver service gathering dust on a shelf at home – breathe life into it, such dishes are not only beautiful, but also healthy, their place is not on the shelf, but on your table; of course, if they harmoniously fit into the style of your kitchen. Most importantly, remember: luxurious kitchen utensils – cups, spoons, forks, plates – are needed not only during ceremonial receptions and on special occasions – every day you should be pleased with the magnificence of your kitchen utensils because all this beauty was created for your pleasure.

Common interior styles.

One of the most important elements of kitchen utensils can rightfully be considered plates. To date, there are a lot of interior styles, but the following can be distinguished as the main ones:



bourgeois style;





classic style.

Plates made in the style of minimalism are gaining more and more popularity – perhaps, in the age of futurism, this is the most popular and fashionable interior style. The more simplicity in your dishes, the more trendy and modern it is, and this applies not only to dishes – now they also buy appliances in a minimalist style. However, simplicity should also be unusual – along with minimalism, luxury and sophistication should be guessed in such products. In more detail, the minimalist style involves the use of plain white, gray or black tableware, which has little or no decor, but precious metals are used as decorations. This juxtaposition of simple shapes and colors with high-end materials makes plates and other kitchen utensils mesmerizingly beautiful and stylish.

The bourgeois style, Ceramic tiles. This style implies, in turn, the use of materials from the luxury segment – Bohemian crystal, gold, platinum, Swarovski crystals. Also, this style involves the use of pure silver and gold, usually, such dishes are decorated with additional embossing. Quite often, handmade ceramic plates in the bourgeois style are purchased not for their intended use, but for an exquisite home collection.

The saying “everything new is a well-forgotten old” also applies to interior styles because today one can observe a significant increase in the popularity of dishes made in the styles of bygone years. For example, in the Baroque and Empire styles. The Empire style extols festive and theatrical motifs. It appeared in France in the 19th century during the time of Napoleon Bonaparte. The main direction of this style is to match the design of late Rome and antique masterpieces. As for the Baroque, it has always been considered a popular style, not only in art, painting, and architecture but also in the interior. It was most widely used in European countries in the 17th-17th centuries. The features of this style can be traced in many collections of popular porcelain manufacturers and author’s design series. This design is characterized by the features of the museum, exhibition monumentality, and royal grandeur, as well as the use of precious metals and special, bright ornaments. These styles were at one time widespread, but because of their attractive beauty, the fashion for them could not forever be a thing of the past, and each time she returns to our homes with renewed vigor in all the splendor of her undisguised luxury. Baroque and Empire styles also imply the widespread use of antique plates decorated with precious metals.

Ethnic. Ethnic motifs require strict adherence to the rules of a single style. If you like the style of a certain nationality and you decide to embody its motives in your interior, it is very important not to mix them together. For example, it is sometimes easy to confuse the elements of the Greek, Egyptian and Roman styles, their ornaments are very similar, as well as the general direction. The most popular ethno styles include Indian, Scandinavian, African and Russian folk styles. The main rule when choosing plates is not to mix styles and stick to the same direction down to the smallest detail.

Provence. Provence is the style of lovers of comfort, harmony with nature, and environmental friendliness. This is lightness, simplicity, light colors, many colors, and natural materials – wood, metal, cotton. This style will look great in a country cottage, it cheers you up and envelops you with real home warmth. Provence-style plates can be distinguished by floral motifs, soft lines, and pastel shades of the color palette.

The classic style. This is noble simplicity, impeccable proportions, and correct lines. Delicate, unobtrusive ornament goes well with expensive materials. The classical style in the interior is also characterized by light colors, white tablecloths, bouquets of fresh flowers (mainly roses), candles, and silver appliances. Classic-style plates are usually made of porcelain and are decorated with a delicate, elegant pattern.

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