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Five Ways to Increase Your Charitable Impact

Jim Mumford

Donating to a charitable organization to help people who are in need can give a feeling of joy and happiness. Also, your passion for your cause will offer a sense of social responsibility and moral duty to others and will also encourage them to follow your path to support your cause. But if you want to increase the impact of your charity then here are five ways to help you.

Participate in giving days and events:

The best way to ensure that your donation could make a big impact is to find out the key times in a year when most of the charity events and donation campaigns occur and try to participate during such time. This will help you to connect with more non-profit organizations and you get a chance to increase your charitable impact.

Tune in on social media:

Well, social media can be your best option as it allows you to connect with a large number of charity organizations and people with similar causes to yours all over the world. You can follow your favorite non-profits across different social media platforms and you can support them more. In the modern period, every nonprofit are using different social media channels to share their updates, work, and communicate with their followers. Social media also helps in spreading awareness about your cause.

Volunteer regularly:

Other than donations, people are actively participating as a volunteer to support their cause and help the people who are need of deep help. In recent times volunteering has become more popular than donations as it offers you the chance to share your support and help for others. Volunteering can increase the impact of your charity than donations and it will encourage others to connect with you support your cause.

Diversify your donations:

“Charity begins at home, but should not end there,” said Thomas Fuller, an English churchman, historian, and a prolific author remembered for his writings, particularly his Worthies of England, published in 1662, after his death.

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In the current digital world, there are lots of options available to support your cause, and it also offers you to maximize the impact of charity for the cause you are passionate about.

  1. You can request your manager about matching gift programs.
  2. You can create a fundraising event on your Facebook.
  3. You can participate in different charity events.

Give together:

Well, to increase your giving impact, you can request your friends and family members to join you as a group and support non-profit organizations. Giving together can increase the impact of your charity and it can put a greater impact than you could individually.

Fundraising can actually help society in making a better place to live. As we talk about fundraising, WE Charity is one of the well-known organizations in Canada that actively raise funds for different important causes and Marc Kielburger is the main founder of this organization.

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