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This is How You can Clean your Suede Sofa the Right Way

Gemma Lanehart

Suede sofa provides an elegant way to enrich your experience. They provide both beauty and comfort to your loved ones. They are nice to look at when a guest enters your living room; they give a cosy feeling to your kids when they need to rest after doing their homework. However, investment done in your suede sofas is not by any means a small one. This is the reason when you watch your suede sofa’s condition going down or having stains can be so depressing.

Watching food stains caused by children or blood marks by pets can be frustrating for home owners when you apply on suede sofas. A lot of home owners assume that faux suede is difficult to clean due to their fuzziness. But this is not far from the real truth. You need an effective way to protect your sofa and in this post, doing exactly that to show you how you can clean your precious suede sofas in the right way.

Removing some bad stains off your suede sofa on a sunny weekend afternoon is something we all want to do. But before we jump into the cleaning process, let us first get a good idea of the A, B, and C’s of suede sofa and how it works.

What is Suede Furniture?

Animals are used nowadays more than ever to provide humans their necessities, sofa decoration is no exception. The reason why suede sofa is so expensive is because animal’s skin is used from the underside to make the leather of suede sofa. This is the same animal skin that is used to build other types of commotidites such as bags, furniture, and clothing. The warm and fuzzy texture of the suede comes from all the same and raised fibbers that cover the outside of the leather.

Alternative to Natural Suede?

Alternative to natural suede, Sedate is a man-made alternative that is often used by modern manufacturers to replace the natural suede. Mostly, cotton and Rayon is used to create that usually that finally takes a suede finish. This can become a nice option for people that need a look of suede without using animal products or for those on budget.

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How to Clean a Suede Sofa

When you have no idea of cleaning a leather couch before or have no experience handling upholstery cleaning and then cleaning your suede sofa can also be a nightmare. Unless you get help from upholstery cleaning Sydney Company, this matter cannot be resolved in the right way. However, whether you hire a Pro Sofa clean Sydney company or do it yourself, little bit of care is always required. You can keep your sofas stain-free and also protect them from wear and tear caused by daily life.

Follow our expert’s instructions below and solve your problem. Our upholstery steam cleaning Sydney professionals are able to help you do your work yourself with the following tips.

Before You Begin Cleaning

Before you start cleaning Suede sofa cleaning, you do the following:

  • Use upholstery cleaner specifically for suede.
  • Always refer to manufacture’s care if you are not sure about cleaning your suede sofa. It could get messy without reading instructions.
  • Ensure that the place where you are cleaning the sofa is well ventilated. Turn on fans or open your windows to have some air.
  • Use a face mask while you initiate cleaning. In the middle of the pandemic and to avoid any health problems caused by germs, you need to thoroughly cover your nose and face.

Things You Require

To clean the suede sofa at home, you need to following:

  • A napping brush
  • Rubbing cloth
  • A vacuum cleaner
  • A dry sponge

Weekly Suede Sofa Cleaning Planning

Now that you have all the tools you need to accomplish your mission, the next step is to determine the frequency of cleaning your suede furniture. If the sofa has not been cleaning in months, then it is a daunting task. Make sure that you maintain a lovely sofa by doing a weekly cleaning plan.

  1. Spray your suede sofa with stain repellent. Work your way from top to bottom and also spray sideways to cover all the areas. No areas should be left.
  2. Some suede products may need you to use two coats to clean properly.
  3. Your cushions should be removed weekly that may contain any hair or dust or crumbs.
  4. Wipe both sides and do vacuuming thoroughly. If you have pets, it is vital to keep your suede furniture looking fresh.

The Final Words

The above tips can help you to maintain a nice look of your precious suede sofa or couch. If you fail to achieve good results, then do not worry, Pro Sofa Clean is here with the best leather couch cleaning Sydney expertise to make things better for you. 

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