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Carpet Cleaning tips and best cleaning methods from pros who have

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How to Clean Carpet: Cleaning Tips for Long Lasting Carpet

Carpets give your home a luxurious and warm look. Having a clean and tidy carpet creates a great impression on guests, brightens up your home, and makes you feel good about your rooms. However, carpet cleaning services are pretty expensive and many people have no idea how to maintain the carpet themselves. If you want to save some money on the carpet maintenance charges and do it yourself, here are some tips and tricks that professionals use to clean your carpets. These tricks will help you clean your carpets without hiring any cleaning services.

Avoid rubbing the stains:

If you want to avoid damaging the quality of the carpet material and to avoid having permanent stains, there is one thing you must keep in mind. Rubbing your carpet again and again with any kind of liquid must be avoided at any cost. The more you will rub your carpet, the more damage you will cause to the material and the colors of the carpet.

Club soda:  

To remove beer and wine stains, club soda is the best option. Many people try to remove those stains with either water or spirit. Doing so can either cause the stain to spread further and get deeper into the layers or permanent de-coloration of the carpets. Using club soda, however, can get rid of the stains without excessive rubbing and without causing any damage to the carpets.

White distilled vinegar:  

If you have a juice stain on your carpet, you can try white distilled vinegar. Adding vinegar with water can help you remove any kind of juice stain from your carpet. It is especially recommended for those owning white carpets.

Dishwashing liquid:  

It is hard to choose a chemical to clean your carpet on your own. However, there is an easy solution you can make for that. All you need to do is add two drops of dishwashing liquid with mildly warm water. The solution can be used for any kind of general treatment of the carpet without the risk of causing any damage to the carpet.

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Ammonia is especially preferred by many professionals and carpet owners. This is especially because the liquid is cheap and very easy to obtain. Ammonia can be used to clean several kinds of stains and the liquid does not do any damage to the carpet materials.

Wet wipes:  

If you want to blot some light stains on your carpet, use wet wipes. Make sure to use multiple wipes and don’t rub any spot more than required. It is better to use some kind of cleaning liquid in case of bigger stains but wet wipes can be used to quickly clean up the smaller and lighter stains.

Remove chewing gums easily:

Removing chewing gum from your carpet might seem impossible but it is not. Don’t try to clean the gum with any liquid. Use an ice cube to solidify the gum instead. It will make it easier for you to reduce the elasticity of the gum and remove it easily.

Deal with wax stains:

To deal with wax stains, put transparent paper on the stain and iron it. The wax will melt and you can clean it with a piece of cloth. Repeat the process a few times and make sure to set the iron at the lowest heat level and keep it on the carpet for maximum 30 seconds at a stretch.

Strong Deodorizer:

Willing to have smelt freshly carpets? Take one to two tablespoons of Borax in a large container with 10 drops of essential oil, and finally follow this mixture with two cups of baking soda. Apply this mixture on your carpet to get more fresh fragranced. The baking soda present in the mixture absorbs bad smells. Essential oil helps the carpet fiber to smell fresh. While used borax kills germs and microbes and makes your carpet safer for your loved ones by carpet stores in Albuquerque

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It’s too difficult to save your carpet with a nail polish stain. But by making use of alcohol, you can make your carpet stain-free. Rubbing the alcohol on the carpets when it has a nail polish stain can damage the dye and lead to bleaching. But when the nail polish stain gets dried, you rub that stain with a blunt tool like a butter knife. After rubbing the stain, moist the nail polish with cloth or paper towel poured with alcohol until the nail polish gets dissolved. This phenomenon will not damage the dye of your carpet.

With these being said, you should still get your carpets treated by professionals at least once or twice a year. If you want to get your carpets cleaned by the best carpet cleaning in albuquerque, then contact us on and know more about carpet Albuquerque and get one-stop solutions for all your queries and all your questions.

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