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Top 9 Benefits of Double-Side Mattress

Shivika Bhatia
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Selecting a suitable mattress for sleeping is very crucial for adequate rest and good mental health. In many cases, the bed is either too soft or too hard for sleepers and then they end up turning and tossing throughout the night. A bad night’s sleep will not let you rest appropriately as your body needs proper sleep to re-energize the body. A dual comfort mattress, also known as a double-side mattress, can be an excellent solution for such a situation. Let’s see what dual comfort mattresses are and what are the nine benefits you can expect from a dual comfort mattress:

What is a Dual Comfort Mattress?

A dual comfort mattress, also known as a double-side mattress, comes with two different surfaces, hard and soft in the same product. The main reason for calling it a dual comfort mattress is that both sides of this mattress are usable. The soft surface of the dual comfort mattress extends a cloud-like soft feeling, and the other side gives a medium-firm surface to offer firm support.  

Nine benefits you can expect from a dual comfort mattress:

  • A dual comfort mattress gives additional options to the sleepers as it comes with two usable sides, making them one of the best memory foam mattresses. Users can also pick the sides depending on their inclinations as well as comfort factors. A segment of users prefers sleeping on foam mattresses with a hard side at certain times of the year, depending on their body conditions and moods, thus making it ideal for them.
  • A dual comfort mattress comes with the perfect balance of hardness and softness on both sides, letting the users get the best quality sleep.
  • A dual comfort mattress from reputed brands like Wakefit or Durfi will not get impacted much by any changes in the weather or climate due to the premium foam quality material used in them. Hence you can expect superior comfort from these mattresses throughout the year. The softer side of the dual comfort mattress can be used during hot summers, and the harder surface of the mattress is best to use during winters. The best thing about this product is both side layers offer the ideal surface to sleep.
  • A dual comfort mattress is an excellent choice for sleepers who toss and turn in their sleep.
  • Since good quality memory foam is used to make dual comfort mattresses, they are hypoallergenic in nature. Due to their dense structure, dual comfort mattresses are less likely to accumulate and attract allergens, such as mould, dust mites, and other common irritants.
  • The dual comfort mattresses from reputed brands like Durfi or Wakefit are highly durable and last for five to ten years, depending on the usage type. Both side surfaces of a dual comfort mattress are used, stopping excess pressure from exerting on a single side alone. The pressure is spread uniformly through the mattress all the time, which further increases its durability.
  • One of the essential advantages of a double side mattress is that it offers better airflow and superior temperature control. This makes sleeping on a dual comfort mattress always comfortable, whether in India’s summer season or winter months.
  • There is effectively no maintenance involved in double-side mattresses. Also, a dual comfort mattress is quite simple to use and move as they are light in weight. This is one of the biggest reasons why many new buyers prefer these modern mattresses over conventional mattresses. The availability of soft and hard surfaces in the same bed makes them even more special.
  • The Dual Comfort Mattress or Double-Side Mattress is now readily available in online stores and offline bedding stores, so there won’t be any issue regarding their availability.

Now you know what a dual comfort mattress is and the nine benefits that make this particular type of mattress hugely popular among buyers. After checking their user feedback and expert reviews, you can buy a dual comfort mattress or a double-side mattress from reputed manufacturers like Wakefit, Durfi or any other established mattress brand. If you are delaying the purchase of your favourite mattress due to budget constraints, you are in luck. Keep reading to discover more.

The Smart way of purchasing your Double-Side Mattress

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The Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card is accepted at more than 1.2 lakh+ stores across 2,900 cities in India. Now you can easily purchase your favourite Dual Comfort Mattress offline or online without burning a hole in your pocket but in easy and convenient No Cost EMIs.

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