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7 Gadgets You Need for Your Home Bar

Subhan Saeed

Today, 6 out of 10 American adults prefer to live in a bigger house that’s miles away from basic amenities, such as schools and convenience stores. Moreover, they want homes that are further spread out from other residents within the community.

Living in such an environment means building personal amenities that would make your life comfortable. For instance, having a home bar means you won’t have to drive tens of miles to get a fix of your favorite whisky shot after a tiresome day of working remotely.

Actually, it saves you more money because you pay for the drink and the service in a public bar. Also, you can hone your bartending skills and entertain guests at home every time they come visiting. But that starts with building the best home bar, equipped with all necessary gadgets.

So, what makes a complete home bar setup? Check out these seven amazing home bar essentials you shouldn’t miss if you’re going to have fun.

1. Peeler

Setting up a home bar means you anticipate hosting as many guests as possible, depending on size. Memories created in bars last longer and enhance relationships with associates. However, guests love a twist in their drinks. So, you’ll need a pillar to prepare fruits.

Besides, you might also need to add fruits to your drinks from time to time. Fruits such as daiquiri have antioxidant compounds that lower the risks of cancer, arthritis, or even heart diseases. But taking daiquiri with alcohol boosts the antioxidant properties.

Also, you can use other fresh fruits, such as berries and watermelons to whip up your cocktails. A peeler with ultra-sharp carbon blades will get the job done quickly. Carbon blades are also easy to maintain since they don’t rust or corrode from alcohol chemicals.

2. Wine Aerator

Do you love wine? If so, you’ll probably stock a couple of bottles, whether a magnum or a demi in your home bar.

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Wine storage is pretty challenging, unlike other alcohols, such as whiskey, rum, or vodka. Remember, it’s not fine wine until it reaches the peak tasting.

One of the simplest home bar gadgets that can help you with this is a wine aerator. An aerator enhances fruit oxidation and evaporation, creating bolder flavors and aromas. Oxidation is responsible for developing bold flavors while evaporation eliminates less favorable compounds.

However, aeration is not for every wine. For instance, young reds or cheap red wine will only lose their bold flavors if you aerate them. Similarly, older, fragile wines with sediments can also lose their flavor in minutes if you aerate them.

Some wines that refine better when aerated include Merlot, Shiraz, Malbec, and Bordeaux. You can also aerate Syrah, Petite Sirah, Nebbiolo, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

3. A Big Ice Cube Mold

Of course, your home bar can do with a small ice cube mold. Small ice cubes are just the same as big ice cubes, they all contain water. However, a giant ice cube mold compliments professional presentation around guests.

Moreover, big cubes mean you won’t deal with sloshed ice around glasses. You would also want to make many ice cubes at once so that the tray doesn’t run out in the middle of the party.

Even better, you can blend your cocktails with spiked ice cubes to introduce additional flavor at the base of the glass. Remember, drinking warm whiskey means picking up directly on the dominant alcohol taste and scent. It can be hardly palatable.

On top of that, you can use ice cubes to mix cocktails that evolve with the melting ice. With all these benefits, you don’t want to miss an ice cube mold in your home bar.

4. Boston Shaking Glasses

You’ll need a shaker don’t want to look like a rookie in your private bar. Shaking glasses are among the iconic home bar tools that complement a professional bartender. There are various options for shaker glasses, but the Boston design makes an excellent choice for amateurs.

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Boston shaking glasses are sturdy to prevent cracking when shaking ice cubes. Their heavyweight design also makes them a go-to option for bartenders who create cocktails by stirring or muddling ingredients.

Further, Boston shaling glasses have clear glass. This makes it easy to tell if you’ve properly muddled the cocktail. Other benefits of Boston shaking glasses include longevity, easy storage, and a large volume for creating many drinks from one shake.

5. A Citrus Juicer

Anyone who can’t go a week without a bottle of their favorite whisky knows the benefits of consuming alcohol with lemon juice. Taking alcohol with lemon juice can lower the risks of liver damage, especially if you’re a heavy drinker.

This is because lemon juice is rich in bioactive compositions, including essential oils and phenolic compounds. Also, the predominant vitamin C in lemon juice can lower the chances of oxidative damage.

In that case, a citrus juicer makes one of the most essential home bar gadgets you should have. With this tool, you can squeeze as much juice as possible for the money. Most importantly, you can rely on all-natural sources for lemon juice.

6. Cocktail Pickers

Creating a home bar means you want the best cocktail presentation not found in regular local joints. Cocktail pickers can help you bring out that flair. You can go for a pack of multiple steel pickers to get started.

Presentable picks ensure your olives stay in position when you prepare a dirty martini. However, ensure you go for stainless steel. This guarantees easy maintenance.

7. Jigger

You already have all the home bar gadgets needed for a cocktail party. However, one thing is lacking. It’s nigh impossible to create a good cocktail without accurate measurements. Instead of using shot glasses, go for an easy-to-read jigger.

Build Your Home Bar Today

The best home bar experience starts with finding the right accessories for the job. You want to create cocktails professionally, but also have fun while doing so. All these home bar essentials will help you achieve that.

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