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3 Factors to Consider When Sending Funeral Flowers

Hussain Ali

Funeral and sympathy flowers are a valued and treasured way of conveying sympathy and condolences at a funeral service.

Beautiful displays make wonderful tributes to a lost loved one and can bring comfort to those in mourning.

If you’re interested in some of our top considerations for sending funeral flowers, keep reading!

1. The Value in Funeral Flowers

One of the top considerations to take into account is that floral arrangements truly serve more than a single purpose. Funeral flowers have value, not just to the sender but to the family receiving them. 

Sentimental Value

Flowers may not have the ability to speak, but they’re still capable of saying the things someone needs to hear. They have a silent presence about them that brings comfort, joy, and love to any room. This is especially true for funeral flowers.

Giving a floral gift is a great way of showing your own sorrow and offering your condolences. Funeral flowers show that you valued the deceased and that they are still in your thoughts.

The Ability to Personalize a Gift

Unlike a gift of money or other goods, while likely appreciated, floral arrangements have the potential for great personalization. Because of the multitude of colors, species, and decorations available, the right arrangement can be tailored to show a certain message or honor the deceased in a way they would have loved. 

Each flower carries its own meanings that go beyond its appearance. When someone is personally involved in the creation of an arrangement, it can make the tribute all the more meaningful.

Shows Effort 

Despite the fact that the process of sending flowers is made easier in the digital age, sending an arrangement still entails a certain amount of effort. The time and effort spent choosing the perfect arrangement will definitely show and the token of respect will be most appreciated.

2. The Practicalities of Sending Flowers

When sending flowers to a funeral or to the home of the bereaved, there are a few practical things to note.

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First, how much should you spend on a funeral arrangement? While you want assurances that the florist you are dealing with is reputable, and this often means they cost a bit more, it’s not necessary to spend hundreds of dollars on funeral flowers.

You can if you’d like to of course, but the sentiment will be touching regardless.

Second, Where should the flowers be delivered? In most instances, funeral flowers will be delivered to the mortuary or funeral home managing the service. That being said, occasionally arrangements should rather be delivered to a church, crematory, or even the home of the family.

Lastly, what should be written on the card itself? A personal note is always going to be the best way to go. It will usually be something in remembrance of the deceased but tribute can also be paid with a simple “we’re thinking of you”.

Ultimately, what you write on the card could be very personal or just a message of support. It will be appreciated regardless.

3. The Most Suitable Flowers to Send

Flower etiquette doesn’t have to be a tricky thing. There are a number of various flower species that are more than appropriate for a funeral arrangement. Carnations are often popular for sympathy arrangements. Other popular flowers include lilies, roses, and gerbera.

The color of the flower could also be important, with colors like pink celebrating elegance and yellow showing friendship and remembrance. 

Arrangements can also come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from wreaths and sprays to sympathy baskets and memorial arrangements. Florists like Phillips Flowers will be there to assist you at every step of the process, from selecting the flowers themselves to the colors and cards you can pair with them.

A Touching Gesture

Ultimately, sending flowers to a funeral is a touching way to show your respect and care, not only for those who have passed but to the family as well. 

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Get in touch with us today and find out how we can help you choose funeral flowers to pay tribute to those who have passed.

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