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Why Every Business In The UK Needs A Sponsor Licence?

Ranjeet Kumar

Sponsor license has a rising demand in the post-Brexit UK. UK employers have been facing many challenges such as workforce retention, changes in the Home office regulations.

So, whether you are a small business or medium or large organization, if you wish to grow your business and expand globally you must secure a sponsor license and start sponsoring the best and the brightest global skilled staff to work in your business.

The Home Office sponsor licence guidance outlines important prerequisites for eligibility and suitability criteria for sponsorship for employers.

Suitability conditions for sponsor licence

The foremost thing considered by the UK Home Office is whether the employer meets the suitability criteria or not.

It is a more comprehensive and broader assessment for the sponsorship for employers.

The organization must be honest, reliable, and dependable to begin with as per paragraph L8.5 of the guidance.

The organization must have a streamlined HR process set up and should be in a capacity to hire. This is assessed by the Home Office by visiting the organization.

Secondly, the Home office may do an unannounced audit to ensure that the organization is able to comply with the checks.

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Another important aspect the Home office assesses is that the organization is able to offer genuine vacancies to the skilled worker. Additionally, if there is any previous non-compliance record that must be presented to the Home office.

The prospective sponsor license holder must in every way ensure to the Home office that the HR system is not being abused in any way.

Eligibility conditions

The primary eligibility demand is quite simply the organization must be present, actively trading, and offers genuine vacancies to the sponsored employees.

Genuine vacancy conditions

A greater emphasis in the sponsor license guidance has been to offer genuine vacancies to the skilled staff you are looking to sponsor. Additionally, it is employer’s responsibility to offer the correct salary as per ‘going rate’ or the minimum threshold.

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The Home office will evaluate whether a business really needs the job role they are wishing to offer, by analyzing the business type and individuals they as of now employed to check whether the supported job bodes well inside their present design.

The Home office will also assess whether the job offered can be supported with work from home or not. Remote working will be assessed by the Home office as a part of a genuine vacancy assessment.

Documents you are required to send in

As highlighted by Appendix A in the Home Office guidance, there are four supporting documents that you need to send to the Home Office.

  • Document to prove that the employer’s liability insurance up to £5 million
  • VAT certificate of registration
  • Document to show employers registration with HM Revenue and Custom
  • Recent bank statement
  • Proof of business ownership

Also, the organization must have key personnel

  • Authorising officer- preferably the senior most in the organisation, who has a say in the recruitment process and also ensure that the sponsorship duties are met and timely manages all sponsorship tasks
  • Key contact- to be the point of contact with the Home Office, preferably a legal representative.
  • Level1 user- preferably the person who can manage day to day sponsorship tasks and handling sponsorship management system(SMS).

You may seek support from immigration solicitors London to understand the process and to support you in the sponsor licence application.

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