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What are the 3 most common divorce mistakes?

Elya Khachatryan

As the old proverb says, “A man learns from his mistakes,” and although this is not the most pleasant way to gain knowledge, it is very effective. Despite this, there are situations in life, such as, for example, a divorce process, when you cannot allow yourself to make mistakes because the experience gained from your own mistakes is unlikely to be useful in the future, and you will not be able to turn everything back. Let’s omit the description of certain types of behavior during a divorce, and immediately move on to their negative consequences so that they can be identified and dealt with in advance.

These are the most common mistakes during a divorce.

Manipulating children in negotiations between parents.

Unfortunately, it is extremely rare that spouses find the strength to calmly discuss everything and make decisions about the maintenance and upbringing of the child, without drawing the child into the conflict. Parents almost always forget that the most important thing, both in the family and outside of marriage, is the well-being of their child, and for this reason, isolation of one of the parents most often occurs. This leads to a negative attitude of the heir to the other parent, humiliation, downplaying the role of the father or mother in his eyes, although in fact, a divorce should not have such a detrimental effect on the relationship of the child with the mother and father.

When parents involve a child in a conflict, this can not only greatly exacerbate the problem, but, above all, negatively affect the development of the son or daughter and his relationship with both parents. Even during the dissolution of marriage, the child must feel the love of each of the parents, because this is also a very difficult period for him. In no case should he be forced to decide who he loves more: mom or dad.

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Distrust of your lawyer.

You may have heard that with a divorce lawyer you have to be sincere, like in a church confession. It really is. When your family lawyer knows your marriage in great detail, he will be able to put up an effective line of defense. It makes no sense to keep silent about certain circumstances or justify yourself in the eyes of the person who is going to defend you because in the courtroom the other side will start asking you provocative questions that your lawyer will not be ready for. In our professional experience, we do not advise you to refuse the help of a lawyer during a complex divorce process.

Often, when considering a divorce case due to the fault of a spouse or in the absence of agreement between the spouses regarding parental rights and guardianship, the party who refused the services of a professional lawyer makes the wrong decision or distorts the facts, which ultimately leads to completely unexpected results. A lawyer, on the other hand, will provide you with a relatively calm state during the divorce, take care of all your problems, and advise the best solutions that will facilitate the divorce process. Law firm services in Armenia will help you with this problem.

Lead by feelings, not by reason.

Of course, every divorce process is accompanied by significant stress and strong emotions. However, you should not make hasty decisions in this state. Be sure to think twice before giving vent to emotions if you have children. After all, after a divorce, you still have to contact your ex-spouse, your children will continue to communicate with them. If you initially act only on emotions, trying to humiliate, deceive your spouse, then what will your life be like after a divorce? In short, if you plan to see your spouse after the divorce and want him to continue to communicate with the children, try to control your emotions and make informed decisions during the divorce.

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