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Do You Need a Free Background Check? Virginia Background Check Services Provide Background Checks

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Official background checks in Virginia have been useful tools for employers for many years to make sure the staff they hire are a perfect fit. Virginia allows criminal background checks for most employment, tenancy, and personal credit but also has certain regulations regarding how employers can use the results of an official background check obtained via a state-approved service.

Despite certain controversial issues surrounding this practice, a background check in Virginia is still considered a valuable tool by many businesses. Here are some basic details you should know when conducting a background check in Virginia. When conducting a Virginia background check, an employer may wish to look at any felonies that the applicant has committed as well as any public records that indicate any past criminal record.

The Virginian Statute of Limitations makes it easier for someone who has been convicted of a crime or who has been charged with a crime to apply for a concealed carry permit ( CCP). Similarly, an applicant with an active arrest warrant cannot be hired in Virginia unless the applicant can show that the warrant was lifted. An employee may not be considered “in the clear” simply because their previous convictions or arrests are sealed from public access.

An employer must inform the applicant about all criminal convictions, pending court dates, and any other information that would affect the decision of whether the person would be eligible for a concealed carry permit.

In addition to a criminal record, an applicant’s social security number must also be submitted for pre-employment background checks in Virginia. In order to get the most accurate results, a Virginia employer may want to request verification of this number from a former employer or another trusted source.

Verification of the social security number can also be helpful when hiring employees for sensitive positions such as those overseeing children, the elderly, or the mentally handicapped. An applicant cannot obtain a concealed carry permit in Virginia solely by obtaining a criminal history information check on him.

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Because of some U.S. Supreme Court decisions, an applicant cannot be denied his right to possess a firearm based solely on his criminal history information. The fact that a person is licensed or registered to own a firearm in another state does not prevent him from being denied a Concealed Carry Permit in Virginia if he has had a conviction for a felony or misdemeanor in another state.

As long as the state in which he has lived for at least three years has not banned handgun ownership, an applicant can apply for a concealed carry permit in Virginia regardless of whether or not he has a criminal history. An unlicensed person can obtain a concealed carry permit in Virginia under certain conditions.

These include: having served for a year or more in the U.S. military; being 18 years of age or older; having a clean record; and not having any outstanding traffic offenses or judgments against him. An unlicensed person may obtain an Employment Background Check by visiting a couple of different government websites. Some of these websites are: U.S.

Department of Defense, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Virginia State Board of Insurance, Virginia Employment Board, and Virginia Criminal Justice Information. Each of these government websites offers different types of information that is needed to perform an employment background check on a prospective applicant.

If you plan on using the U.S Department of Defense’s website to perform an employment background check, you should be prepared to provide: name, birth date, Social Security number, date of birth, military discharge, grade, branch of service, foreign country, former addresses, phone number and email address.

The information you provide on the website will be cross checked with the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database. The database contains all known federal, state and local criminal history information on individuals. The database is continuously updated.

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