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How Can I File A Domestic Violence Lawsuit Against An Abuser In Perth?

Charlote Lee

Disagreements and arguments are part of a mutually respectful relationship and can occur when two people express their own opinions or decisions. But when one person tries to abuse or harm or dominate another person mentally or physically, that kind of attitude cannot be considered a respectful one. It will be termed ‘abusive.’ Domestic violence occurs in the form of physical abuse and psychological abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, economic abuse, and sexual abuse.

The entire experience for the victim and the children can be traumatic and frightening. A domestic violence lawyer will be the best person to help you legally get rid of this situation.

What is the scenario in Australia?

Though Australia is more or less a peaceful and beautiful country to live in, domestic violence is prevalent in almost all geographic regions, unfortunately. It is found in all cultural groups at all socioeconomic levels. Specific groups like indigenous communities are affected by domestic violence more than any other group. However, in most cases, the crime is not reported, so it happens to be challenging to measure it. Here we share some crucial points to look at.

  • The Australian police need to handle domestic violence every 2 minutes.
  • Aboriginal women, young women, pregnant women, women with cognitive disabilities, economically oppressed women, and children, regardless of their gender, are mostly affected by domestic violence.
  • On a weekly average, a woman is killed by her ex- or present partner.
  • The figures suggest that severe domestic violence, including emotional abuse and murder, is committed against women.
  • 25% of women suffer emotional abuse by their partners (current or ex-) since they turn 15.
  • 20% of women experience sexual abuse since they turn 16.
  • About 85% of Australian women have experienced sexual abuse.
  • Even after getting separated temporarily, about 40% of women continue experiencing domestic violence.

What actions does the Australian Government take?

The Government of Australia is strict and takes a non-tolerant stand against domestic violence. It always takes action to prevent domestic abuse and violence and ensure the victims get the maximum protection through the family law system.

  • The family violence law in Australia deals with family and domestic violence, family law, child protection law and provides services to needy victims. Victims can also get to know about their legal rights from it.
  • On 20 November 2018, the Women’s Economic Security Package was announced by the Australian Government. In that announcement, it was declared that the Government would invest about $98.4 million from 2019-20 for family law services. This investment would aim at supporting victims to recover financially after separation.
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What legal actions can you take in a domestic violence incident?

You can contact a qualified domestic violence lawyer in Perth to know your legal rights. Remember that different Australian states have different laws to protect the victims against various forms of domestic violence. The following steps can be taken if you experience such an incident.

  • Report to the police.
  • Get along with the spot safety order for 72 hours.
  • You can also apply for Violence Restraining Order (VRO) that offers protection to the victim for the next two years. It is also known as Interventional Order, which the court gives to protect from family violence.
  • If you are eligible to apply for the protection of a child who has been harmed or may get harmed by psychological or physical abuse, you can request an urgent court order.
  • Get an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order (ADVO).
  • Regarding arrangements for children, child custody, and property settlement, you should consult an expert.
  • Get in touch with Victims Support and seek help from Community Services.
  • For separation, you should consult your lawyer.
  • Against abusive partners or family members, criminal prosecution should be conducted.
  • If you sustain severe injuries from domestic violence, you should file a domestic violence lawsuit for financial compensation.
  • You can also file a divorce.

How can you file a domestic violence lawsuit?

If you are a victim of domestic violence, you have the option to file a lawsuit against your abuser in civil court in Australia. You can do the following things if you experience such a crime.

  • Many family lawyers in Perth can help you claim compensation. You can receive damages against lost wages, expenses related to pain and suffering, medical costs, and punitive damages.
  • You can ask your lawyer to know whether this monetary compensation can be enough for you to begin a life without that abusive person.
  • For many victims, it becomes challenging to file a lawsuit, and it leads to enormous stress. Reporting to the police or taking them to court can also seem stressful.
  • Filing litigation may cost huge, and the court may decide to force the abuser to bear all the costs.
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How can family lawyers be helpful?

If you are continuously experiencing domestic violence, you should not waste any minute and consult the nearest Family Lawyers Perth. Experienced and qualified lawyers can help you achieve the best outcome at a reasonable fee. Here’s how they can help you.

  • Lawyers help their clients understand the problem and what options they can explore for solutions.
  • They can represent you in court during the proceedings and make sure you are safe at home and in court.
  • Professional lawyers interact with police and community services that extend help to the victims.
  • They can also help you produce any substantial evidence in court.

Final Words

In Australia, family lawyers consider domestic violence issues as serious punishable offenses, which is why they provide all kinds of necessary services to the victims. In addition to offering legal advice, they also represent their clients during the court proceedings.

The most significant benefit of hiring a family lawyer is that they fulfill the clients’ legal needs and make sure that they are getting enough physical and mental protection. Many law firms in Perth can provide you with relevant contacts.

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