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Why are Clear Aligners More Beneficial than Traditional Braces?

Why are clear aligners more beneficial than the traditional braces
Angelina Phil

The orthodontic treatment has gone a long way in giving patients the smile they deserve.  There was a time when people had to wear metal braces for misaligned teeth. With the advancement in cosmetic dentistry,  the braces have also changed as per the compatibility of a patient.  People have often complained about the way they were ridiculed by their family or friends because of the look that metal braces give them.

Metal braces helped with many imperfect teeth but it was quite visible as well.  the metal wires one not so much welcomed by the onlookers. Then came the time for clear braces London.  clear aligners which are also known as Invisalign has helped many patients to recover from the inferior complexity.  Invisalign has been a revolutionary innovation in the field of cosmetic Dentistry.  These angles are clear which means that very few people would notice you have braces on your teeth. Because of these beneficial factors,  Invisalign has been the number one demand for patients suffering from imperfect smiles.

In this post we will learn about how people are demanding more of clear aligners over the traditional  braces:

Clear Aligners are Invisible

One of the biggest reasons why people are keener on clear aligners is because they are very much invisible. Invisible aligners help in considering the fact that the patient is undergoing orthodontic treatment. Some adults find it very embarrassing to show their teeth with braces on.  they are also subjected to many jokes which hurt the sentiment of an adult person.  If you have a gap in between your teeth,  clear aligners also help to hide that.  This could be taken as a bonus benefit of having a clear aligner.

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Easy to Remove

People who prefer clear aligners are more from the group of adolescent age, High School children and college going patients.  Some patients from the same age group still prefer traditional brackets because they don’t really care for their appearance. Traditional brackets are also preferred by a lot of patience as they can customize the elastic. Many find this as very innovative when they choose the color for their brackets.  Many choose the color as per their preference or maybe to look somewhat different.  the colors they choose is a symbolic entity of that particular patient which highlights their character and at the same time, they can be confident about their smile.
Traditional braces are permanent whereas clear aligners can be removed when the patient wants. The braces you get are the choice of the patient and they can change them at any time if they are not working well or they want to look more appealing. If it looks like you don’t have a very good fit with the existing braces, try out one of the many different styles of braces that are available. You will find that you may be able to fit the brace to your mouth with the help of an appliance (which is also usually available in the dental practice) or by using the braces that are supplied with the braces by the dentist.

Improving the Overall Health

The easy to remove the feature in clear aligners has helped many patients to carry with their usual tasks as well as maintaining their oral hygiene. This allows for more thorough cleanings with less risk of damage. Apart from having the profitability of cleaning your teeth,  you can also enjoy any type of food you wish.  There is literally no restriction on what you want to eat. It’s just that you have to keep certain things in mind which include avoiding super pigmented food that may destroy the shade of the clear braces overtime. You might need to avoid some kind of bad habits which may destroy the material like chewing your nails excessively.  other than these,  you have the freedom to eat whatever you want. For more queries,  you can talk to your dentist regarding the food you need to eat and what you need to avoid.
Patients wearing traditional braces find it really difficult to get to the corners as well as the surface of the teeth.  The metal wires restrict the normal flow of the brushing. When a patient is put on an orthodontist treatment such as straightening the teeth,  they are very much required to take care of their teeth.  during this time a patient might develop gum diseases as a result of an unhygienic oral routine.  Failure to brush the teeth gives a chance to all those plaques which come from the food particles,  to settle down. It is quite common for a patient wearing metal braces to reach to every surface of the teeth.  The bracket along with the wire creates huge difficulties in maintaining a good oral habit.
It can be a real challenge to take in a large number of food and drink items, even for some of your peers, while at the same time maintaining a good oral habit. The wire can take up a good amount of space and can prevent you from getting a clear air of the mouth. The bracket is not only a hassle but also a source of discomfort in the hands. The wire also creates a barrier between the mouth and the tongue. In fact, most adults with braces have gum disease. This is a common side effect of braces on the teeth. The condition may be painful and may result in tooth decay. You might be concerned if you notice any signs, such as yellowing of your gums or teeth around the roots of your teeth — these are signs of gum disease.
All these problems have been rectified by the orthodontist.  That’s why clear aligners have helped patients to maintain their oral hygiene at the best level. Clear aligners were initially designed to treat mildly crooked teeth. In modern dentistry,  clear aligners have proven a successful orthodontic treatment for advanced cases. it can be removed at any time while brushing or eating.  The basic guidelines for wearing clear aligners are that your orthodontist will tell you to wear these braces for about 22 hours.  frequent removal might cause hindrance to this treatment hence it is advised to wear as much as possible.

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Now that patience has no issues in maintaining good oral habits wearing braces,  they can prevent gum diseases.

The Impressions have Made Much Easier

One of the reasons why patients from all over the world prefer clear aligners over any other type of orthodontic treatment is because of the most efficient form of practice. The method of impression taken at the time of examining the patient helps in knowing about the result where before the process has actually started. The 3D Digital scan has become more comfortable and is very accurate in determining what type of clear aligners will suit the particular patient.
The digital scanning has also reduced the time of the patient who spends on the dental clinic.  So if the patient wants to have clear aligners, he or she can have them just within some time frame. The iTero Invisalign is a scanner which allows the dentist to scan in a continuous motion to capture full mouth scan in as little as one minute. The wand tip is gently rested on the patient’s teeth. The dentist needs to press and release one of the side buttons to start and stop the scanner. The process is done in a continuous motion while the dentist scans the entire arch. The scanning process is relatively comfortable and makes the patient totally ease out the treatment.

Advantages of iTero

To start the list with beneficial features of iTero, it has boosted up the entire dentistry process and the dentist along with the patients are liking it more than they would.
The main benefit of this scanner is the efficiency of time and the accuracy of the scan. After entering the patient’s prescriptions into the iTero system, scanning for orthodontic treatment begins. The guided scanning process proceeds through each quadrant of the jaw and the economically designed wand makes the process very comfortable.  Whole tooth images are captured for an extremely accurate scan which leads to better-fitting Invisalign aligners for the patient. The process doesn’t contain any messy situation which might make the patient more worrisome.
The patient remains relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure. After all, quadrants are scanned, a bite scan is performed to accurately capture the patient’s occlusion. The model is then inspected and if any areas of incomplete data are found additional scans can be added easily to complete the impression before the patient leaves the chair. The completed scan is then sent on to align. With an iTero Invisalign scan, the Invisalign outcome simulator can then be used to help increase patient’s acceptance by showing them chairside with their teeth might look like after the treatment.

Conclusion, clear braces London has always been a great alternative to the traditional bracket.  have really enjoyed the way it feels on their teeth and also the way it has helped in maintaining their regular task.

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