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What are the methods by which pharmaceutical companies decide their prices?

Renu Yadav
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These days, you can see consumers being constantly bombarded with advertisements displayed on televisions, newspapers, and billboards which suggest new breakthroughs in the world of medicine that are unique. The modern concept of advertising directly to customers has been quite persuasive for promoting medication to consumers. These advertisements have been able to convince that new treatments are quite superior to existent drugs.

Newer medications can have additional benefits that are more developed than older treatments. However, these medications can be acquired at reduced costs by simply buying generic drugs. In this small article, you will learn about how pharmaceutical companies price their drugs and why generic drugs can be a good alternative.

Promoting medicines

Advertisements are the most vital element that influences the price of medicines. Pharmaceutical companies also market their products to doctors directly and influence their pattern of prescribing drugs. The drug manufacturers also employ executives to aggressively promote their products at medical facilities. In a lot of cases, pharmaceutical companies will use marketing materials that are single-point sources of information regarding any new drug for the doctor. This information is provided primarily to increase sales and hence, is a bit biased. A lot of generic drugs are not promoted in the process and consequently, doctors do not recommend them and most probably are not even aware of them. In addition to this, a healthcare provider will get a lot of free samples from the pharmaceutical companies which can lead to them prescribing these medicines more to their patients.

Hence, it is the process of promoting the medicines that contribute a lot to their popularity. Branded medicines are promoted aggressively. Their prices are high in order to offset the cost of these marketing strategies. Consequently, the generic drugs do not find a lot of promotion and as a result, these remain not so popular and their prices are also comparatively lower.

High price does not mean better quality

It would be crucial to understand that we must not equate high cost with better quality. Consumers generally believe that something that is more expensive would be better. However, prescription drugs are not like this, and instead, inexpensive generic drugs are just as effective as their branded counterparts. So patients do not need to pay higher amounts to medicate themselves. They have a number of cheap alternatives. Generic medicines also have a long duration and a proven track record of giving reliable and effective service.

Generic drugs are not just less expensive as compared to branded medicines, but these drugs have been around for a long time and are widely seen as successful and effective. These drugs have a better record compared to modern drugs that are newly introduced in the market and can have bad side effects.

Some easy ways to reduce your costs of medication:

1. You must understand that new and branded drugs are not always your best option. You need to check with your doctor to learn about alternative medicines produced by cheaper generic brands.

2. Check with your doctor, if it is absolutely necessary to start a medication course. A lot of times, people can just regain their health through natural processes and can safely stay away from taking medicines.

3. Show your concern regarding the excessive advertising of a specific brand of medication in a patients’ waiting room.

4. Ask your doctor if there are any cheaper OTC (over-the-counter) products that are available and which may give you the same results as of prescription medications. A lot of times, these OTC drugs would be cheaper than normal prescription ones.

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In the last few years, we have seen a huge increase in the price of medicines and the overall healthcare system. The increase in the price of drugs has been quite disastrous because it has deprived a lot of people of acquiring basic healthcare. By using generic drugs, you will be able to save yourself from paying thousands of dollars on medication and minimize your expenses. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.  

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