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What are the Impacts on Heart Health With Age?

Dr Ranjit Jagtap

You already know that several changes start taking place in your body as you age. Older people with age of 65 or above are more likely to develop cardiovascular disease than younger people. Aging causes several complications in the heart and blood vessels.

A person is no longer to practice physical activities when they get old. Excess physical activity increases heart rate. These changes increase the risk of developing heart disease. With growing age, major causes like building up of fatty substances on the walls of the arteries and veins leads to the heart disease. But there are things that you can follow to reduce the risk of heart disease.

The danger of serious heart issues increments with age. Indeed, even with the most dynamic grown-ups and the best clinical consideration, the heart can quit performing as it did before. Now and again, this might happen rapidly. In any case, for a great deal of more seasoned patients, heart issues grow slowly, says Dr. Ranjit Jagtap.

High blood pressure and other risk factors like aging increase the hardening of the blood vessels. Plaque that is build up inside the walls of arteries, hardens and narrows the arteries which prevents the flow of oxygen-rich blood to all the parts of the body.

Coronary arteries supply oxygen and blood nutrients to heart muscles. When plaque buildup on the walls of the arteries then blood flow is reduced. With age, heart muscles become weak which leads to heart failure.

Following are the conditions that age can cause to your heart.

  1.       The heart chambers can increase in size with the growing age. Due to the thickening of heart walls, the amount of blood that chamber can hold decreases and makes the overall heart size big.
  2.       Prolonged hypertension is the main cause of increased thickness of the wall of the heart which increases heart rhythm problem in older people.
  3.       Aged people are more sensitive to salt which increases their risk of getting high blood pressure.
  4.       Other factors like, thyroid disease or chemotherapy weakens the heart muscles. Issues like family history, might increase your risk of heart disease.
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Symptoms of heart disease

The manifestations of a maturing heart can shift, contingent upon the sort of issue that is creating. At times, you may not understand there’s an issue with your heart until a doctor finds something.

Regular checkups of your heart condition should be checked regularly with your doctor. Even if you feel any slight chest pain, pressure, or discomfort contact your doctor.

  1.       Pain, numbness or tingling in the shoulders, arms, neck, or back.
  2.       Shortness of breath while you are at rest or active.
  3.       Pain in the chest during physical activity that gets better when you rest.
  4.       Swelling in various parts of body parts.
  5.       Issues doing your normal activities.

To learn more about heart disease, visit Dr Ranjit Jagtap Clinic.

Steps to prevent heart disease and to keep your body healthy.

  1.       Start doing activities that you enjoy doing. Activities such as bicycling, walking, gardening, painting, and much more are best indulging into.
  2.       Check your cholesterol levels. Follow your doctor’s advice to manage this condition. Work on building up your HDL to keep your heart healthy.
  3.       Work on managing your stress and anxiety. Cope with your problems to improve physical and emotional health. Practicing activities like meditation, physical activity, and talking to friends can help you a lot to manage stress.
  4.       Follow a proper diet. Healthy eating should be the first step to improve your overall health. As people get old, they tend to get sensitive to salt. This can also lead to swelling of different body parts as mentioned above. Intake plenty of fruits and vegetables. You can also find information on Dr Ranjit Jagtap News to follow a proper eating plan.

Dr Ranjit Jagtap

Dr. Ranjit Jagtap,a highly professional expert in Cardiothoracic Surgery,founded Ram Mangal Heart Foundation (P)Limited in 2014 with the mission of serving every sector of humanity

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