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What Are the Different Types of Tobacco Products That Exist Today?

Hussain Ali

Tobacco has been around for ages. While tobacco itself hasn’t really changed much, there have been many types of tobacco products.

Are you wanting to expand your knowledge as a tobacco smoker? Looking to find alternative tobacco products? Look no further.

Welcome to your guide on some of the different types of tobacco products that exist today. Let’s jump right in.

Cigarettes, Cigars, Cigarillos

Cigarettes are still around and are still very popular. They are, however, incredibly expensive nowadays. In fact, cigarette prices were 411.95% higher than they were back in 1997.

The difference between cigarettes and cigars is that cigars are rolled with a tobacco leaf or another substance that contains tobacco whereas cigarettes are rolled with paper. Cigarillos are essentially just mini cigars. Cigars and cigarillos don’t have filters as well.

Cigars are also very classy seeing as how they resemble luxury, especially when that small stream of smoke rises as it rests on sophisticated cigar stands. Don’t have a cigar stand? Click here to look at one of the best.

PRO TIP: Make sure that you don’t inhale cigar or cigarillo smoke like you would a cigarette!


Hookah is a very stylish tobacco product. The hookah itself is the pipe that you smoke from. Typically, you smoke tobacco or Shisha from it and it’s usually heated using charcoal.

Usually, when you Hookah smoke, you do it in sessions of about an hour. While you can smoke Hookah by yourself, and many people do, hookah is a very social form of smoking tobacco. Be sure to take a look at some local hookah bars or get together with some friends and smoke up!

Smokeless Tobacco

Smokeless tobacco is just as it sounds. You can get what you like from tobacco but without all the smoke. There are two main forms of smokeless tobacco: chewing tobacco and snuff.


Chewing tobacco comes in a small Petri dish-like container, but deeper. You then just place the product in your mouth and chew.

Snuff is ground tobacco that’s placed in these small pouches. Users place one of these pouches between their gum and cheek. You spit out the juice afterward, which is what spawns smokeless tobacco’s nickname: spit.


Vapes or electronic cigarettes are not necessarily tobacco products, but they do act as a delivery system for nicotine. This way you can get the effects you would from a cigarette without actually having to smoke the tobacco. 

Today, vapes and E-cigarettes are very accessible and generally run a little bit cheaper than cigarettes and other tobacco products. Especially if you buy a device that is refillable or has disposable pods. These will also last you a lot longer than cigarettes would.

Types of Tobacco Products: What’s Best for You?

There are many different types of tobacco products out there, but you should find the one that fits you. And if you’re trying to quit, give e-cigarettes a try.

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