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Warning signs before heart attacks

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Heart Attack, a major concern that occurs due to our poor health conditions. The illnesses are generally seen in people of age above 60 years. 

The change in food culture brings surprise gifts “Sickness and Illness”.

People suffering from Heart Attacks at the age of 30 to 50 years are not quite surprised and it has become common these days. In rare cases, people rested their souls when they got affected by a Heart Attack for the very first time. 

Mostly, the victims undergo some kind of symptoms before they contract heart attack. The ignorance and misunderstanding of the early signs are the biggest mistakes that everyone makes. 

The degree of negligence leads us to the major risks. Failing to identify and treat the health problems at the earliest involves higher health problems adding to the Heart. 

“Prevention is always better than Cure”.

Heart Attack Vs Cardiac Arrest

Higher severity of the Heart Attack resulting in Cardiac Arrest. Though it sounds like same, it has a greater difference. 

Heart attacks are myocardial infarction and illnesses show their presence starting with mild attacks. 

The mild attacks indicate to the victims that he/she is having heart problems. Patients, if lucky enough they will survive longer with proper medication once the mild attacks are noticed and treated. 

Cardiac Arrest is a severe attack and there is no chance of escaping from death. 

Cardiac arrest makes your heart unfunctional instantly and forever, death is unavoidable. 

People often get confused with cardiac arrest and heart attack, both are highly concerned. 

Major Reason Behind Heart Attacks

At present, work pressure and unstable food consuming time period cost you more. Junk foods greatly have cholesterol and fats that get deposited in your blood vessels. 

Higher cholesterol patients are highly subjected to get affected by heart attacks. 

The coronary artery is blocked and thus the blood flow to the heart is blocked. The pumping of the heart gets stopped as the blood flow is disturbed. 

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Medication is to be followed as per the doctor’s advice to stay alive after getting a heart attack. 

CPR, a first aid, should be given to heart patients once they are unconscious due to an attack. 

Depending on the severity of the attack, the precaution will work out. 

Symptoms and Medications of Heart Attack

Victims often tend to feel laziness and dizziness before the contradiction of a severe heart attack. 

Though they consume enough food to generate energy to stay active, the attack makes the person get weak. 

One of the common symptoms is that the victims experience more pain in their left arm and they tend to release the manure. 

These symptoms come with a combination of attack severity. Heart patients feel a heavy pain in their upper back. 

If you are sweat even though you are near the air condition, it has to be noted and serious medication attention is needed.

Sometimes, heart attacks show their symptoms by kidney complications. Medications like drugs, stent provision and surgeries are recommended based on your heart condition. 

It is highly necessary to consult a Cardiology Doctor if you experience any of the above-mentioned symptoms.

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