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Usefulness of Health Insurance Policy to Safeguard Health

Rahul Yadav

Why do you require health insurance policy? You require health insurance to secure your health and stay free from illness for a long period. You should be insured so you can easily pay medical expenses and acquire treatment anytime.  A person can fall sick anytime and requires medical treatment immediately.  Some healthy persons can also meet with a road accident and should be admitted to the nearby hospitals. Some people are losing lives due to negligence during the neediest hour. So, you should be insured to secure medical assistance during emergencies.  If you are capable of paying higher premium, then you can create an insurance policy of greater value of sum assured. You can create a health insurance of 1 crore if you are capable of paying higher premium. At the end of the period, you can receive greater amount along with the other maturity benefits. If you buy an insurance policy of greater value, then you are greatly benefitted. But, everybody should afford to buy such an insurance policy. Do not miss the opportunity if you are capable of paying higher premium.

Reasons to create an insurance policy

You can meet your hospital expenses easily as you need not strive to withdraw money from ATM or bank during the neediest hour. The cost of medical expenses is increasing day-by-day and hence a person should be capable of meeting medical expenses anytime. Today, due to environmental threats, we  may succumb to diseases such as coronavirus or any other severe problems anytime. Applying for an insurance policy and becoming an insurance policyholder can safeguard your health and save your life too.  To reach the hospital, you incur different types of expenses  such as van ambulance, medicines, injections, surgeries, blood donation, tests etc. The room rent charges of hospitals are usually higher. During emergency hours, the person is usually taken to the ICU ward and the room rent for ICU is considerably higher. The insurance companies undertake the financial responsibilities only if you are a policyholder.  So, you should create an insurance policy of higher value. If you create a health insurance of 1 crore, then you are insured and can secure medical help anytime. 

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If you are healthier today, tomorrow you may suddenly develop an illness or may meet with an accident.  Firstly, you should hire a van ambulance to reach the hospital quickly. Then, you are carried to the ICU ward on the stretcher and the medical team starts examining you every now and then. During the process, you undergo several tests, examinations and may require blood transfusion also. You are also injected and are infused with saline. The overall medical costs are too higher. The cost of room rent is considerably higher for the ICU ward, then you should pay even higher amount because you are examined every now and then.  If you undergo surgery, then you require post-operative care treatment also. If you are suspecting to develop any major health problem, then you should undergo examinations and tests. So, the policy covers the cost of pre-illness also. You need not strive to withdraw money as the insurance companies pay the hospitals directly depending upon the premium you paid and the value of the policy. 

Who are the persons who should acquire insurance policies?

The health insurance cover is useful to everyone, but some people specifically require it because they are easily prone to illnesses. The Care Insurance provides health care services to the patients anytime and during the times of emergency. 

The senior citizens can fall ill anytime and they cannot easily recover from any disease due to weaker immunity. The circulatory or digestive system is not so well-functioning and a person can fall sick anytime.  A person suffering from chronic illness also should be insured because the chronic illness can become severe anytime. For e.g. If you are just diabetic today, you may develop kidney problems anytime even due to change in lifestyle or food habits. If your immunity system is weaker, then you are easily prone to illnesses and infection. Today, due to pandemic situation, a person is developing diseases such as corona virus. So, you can purchase a health insurance policy for your family to meet medical expenses. A person who is experiencing some unusual symptoms also should be insured because he may be experiencing a major health problem. He should undergo diagnosis and treatment as quickly as possible. If you pay higher premium, then you can receive even greater amount at the end of the maturity period. You are entitled to other benefits also. After the maturity period, you can enjoy several benefits and can enjoy financial and health security. Some people who are susceptible or can easily develop health problems should always buy an insurance policy. The Care Insurance provides health cover to the patients so they can avail medical treatment during the neediest hour.

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