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Is Hair Transplant Safe and Permanent?

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Hair Transplant is a method in which a surgeon restores the hair follicles in the scalp where baldness has occurred. The hair transplant procedure is safe, and it begins from the backside of the scalp. Although, if you have hair fall rapidly, you can consult with the expert of Hair Transplant in Jaipur for the treatment. In this article, you will learn about the types of hair transplants, Is hair transplant safe and permanent, procedures, benefits, Things to avoid after surgery, and side effects.

Types of Hair Transplant

Two types of hair transplantation are used for hair treatment, i.e., FUT and FUE.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

  1. In FUT surgery, the doctor cut down a strip of skin from the backside of the scalp.
  2. After that, the hair follicles stitch on the scalp.
  3. Now, the doctor separates the bald area of the scalp into small sections by applying a magnifying lens and a surgical knife. At the time of insertion, these micro sections will help fulfill the natural-looking growth of hair.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

 In FUE surgery, the hair follicles separate by using a surgical needle from the back or side of the scalp.

  1. The surgeon creates a micro-hole with the surgical needle on the scalp and then inserts the hairs in small spots.
  2. The surgeon transplants about 100s to 1000s of inches at a time.
  3. After the treatment, the patient hair is covered by a bandage on the scalp.

Is Hair Transplant Safe and Permanent?

Yes, a hair transplant is safe when an experienced surgeon does the treatment. Also, hair growth takes several months to cover the scalp thoroughly. Below you will know about the hair transplant procedure and its benefits.

The Procedure of Hair Transplant

  • The first step of the hair transplant procedure is to consult with the doctor regarding hair loss and bald scalp so that they can get the hair before the treatment and recommend the prescription before the treatment.
  • On the treatment day, you have to shave your hair.
  • Before the procedure, the surgeon will give you an anesthetic injection on the patient’s scalp so that the pain will not occur at the time of hair grafting.
  • The hair follicles are harvested in the diameter range of 0.6mm to 0.9mm on the scalp.
  • After the completion of hair transplant, the scalp is protected by a bandage.
  • In several months, you will see hair growth on the bald area.


After the hair transplant surgery, the growth of hair may increase the self-confidence and happiness of the patient.

 Benefits of Hair Transplant

Permanent Solution

The medicine recommended by the doctors is a temporary hair solution. So, I always prefer the Hair transplant treatment, a permanent solution for bald scalp patients.

Enhanced Appearance

The patients who have bald scalp feel shy in society.

Low Maintenance

Take the bald area on the scalp seriously and consult with the expert of hair transplant for treatment.


After several months, your hair looks as natural as before.


Hair Transplant treatment is cost-effective, and also the price of treatment depends on the size of the bald scalp.

Things to Avoid After Hair Transplant Procedure 


Before the hair transplant procedure, sedation is injected into the patient. After the treatment, the patient is not able to drive the car. So, take someone to drive a car when you go for the hair transplant treatment. Also, do not drive for 2-3 days.

Sleeping Flat

It is suggested to sleep in an elevated way after the hair transplant procedure. It will reduce the swelling which occurs on the forehead. Also, sleep in the high position for a week.

Washing the Hair

After the treatment, do not scrub the scalp for two to three days. Later, wash the scalp gently with a conditioner.

Hair Dye

Hair dye has no side effects but does not use it after the surgery, at least one month. Also, the chemicals present in hair dyes can damage your scalp.

Do not Drink Water

Drink two to three liters of Water regularly after the hair transplant.

Wearing Hat or Cap

Wearing a cap can damage the hair follicles. So, do not wear it for 2-3 days after the treatment.

Hair Transplant Side Effects


Before the treatment, the doctor said that there would be bleeding after the hair transplant procedure. In case of high bleeding, you can consult with the doctor.


After the surgery, the pain can occur on the forehead. Also, the doctor has already given you the painkiller to take at the time of distress.


It is the side effect that occurs when FUT treatment is applied to the patient.


You can see the swelling on the forehead and eyes after the treatment. In the case of high swelling, you may consult with an expert.


It is concluded that the hair transplant is a safe and permanent procedure. Also, before the treatment, always consult with the hair expert.

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