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Invisalign, Invisible Braces for a More Confident Smile

Andrew Millar

Have you ever wanted to straighten your teeth but don’t like getting braces? Invisalign providers can help you find your confidence to smile again, and never worry about appearing in photos with your mouth opens. You don’t even have to worry about a time-consuming procedure, as it is one of the easiest dental procedures out there.

Invisalign uses a series of clear braces, or aligners to bring your teeth together. These invisible braces are designed to fit your gums and teeth perfectly and push your teeth to their preferred position. The aligners should be changed regularly, almost every two weeks.

But the best part about the Invisalign treatment is the rather easy installation. The treatment has become popular recently, drawing in millions of customers worldwide.

The technique is invisible, opting for a slick and minimal look that doesn’t ruin your smile when you use the braces. The lack of wires makes your mouth more comfortable and prevents any possible injuries to your tongue. Over the course of a few months, the aligners will slowly push your teeth and gum to line up perfectly, making for the most dashing smile.

If you have never heard about Invisalign providers, you may think good old steel or titanium braces are the only way to fix your teeth. But this treatment is revolutionary, in terms of aesthetic advantages. In addition, the treatment takes almost half as much time as old school braces would take to straighten your teeth.

What Is Invisalign Made of?

Invisalign providers use a plastic compound with no BPA compound, which means they don’t pose a danger to your endocrine system over time. This makes them a lot more comfortable than regular metal braces. Before undergoing the procedure, consult with your doctor to examine whether you are allergic to any of the materials used in clear braces.


Invisalign braces offer a range of advantages over other solutions:

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– Aesthetic wise, they do not ruin the looks of your teeth even during treatment

– There are no foods that should be off the table when you use Invisalign clear braces

– Due to their slick design, they are easier to clean and prevent infections in your gums.

Choosing Your Orthodontist is Easier Than Ever

Not all dentists are proficient orthodontists, but that doesn’t apply the other way around. The experience required to become an orthodontist isn’t just the academic background, but they should also have previous work experience. This makes orthodontists the main authority in designing solutions to straighten your teeth and realign your jawbone. Any Invisalign provider should be an expert in this field.

Invisalign Provider Tiers

Invisalign has a dedicated program to train and educate orthodontists, to provide the best Invisalign treatment for their customers. The dentists are categorised into 4 tiers, also called designations. This classification is based on the number of patients treated each year. The first tier is a preferred provider, orthodontists who have offered 10 customers Invisalign services. A provider that has treated 50 cases in a year moves to the second tier, Premium providers. They have more experience in Invisalign treatment and naturally, their services are rendered more expensive. Once a provider passes a total of 300 cases, and on average treats 50 patients in a six months period, they are deemed, elite provider. The best Invisalign providers, dubbed “elite” are those who have performed a total of 800 Invisalign treatment procedures, and on average handle 200 patients per year.

How Long Will It take for Invisalign to produce results?

The general duration for an Invisalign treatment is considered one year, but this duration depends on a multitude of factors, such as age, the intensity of the misalignment, and other variables that your Invisalign provider will determine. Since all sets of teeth are unique, this assessment is only possible once your mouth has been scanned digitally.

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Why Would Wearing Invisalign work for you?

After your dentist sends the date to Invisalign labs, it will take a while to prepare your first set of clear braces. The provider will contact you and book an appointment. It is a protocol that the Invisalign provider must perform the first fitting, to see if there are any design issues. Once you have the aligners, it is recommended to wear them at all times for better and faster results. Of course, you still have to remove the braces when eating or drinking or when performing dental care. Because of their removable nature, you can easily take them out anytime you feel uncomfortable.

Using Invisalign braces is not difficult at all; they slide right in and don’t really bother you after the first few hours. Once every two weeks, you should change the current braces. During the first week of every new aligner set, the braces fit tightly on your teeth and apply constant pressure to shift your teeth. Gradually, the teeth will set into their new arrangement and the braces will feel a bit looser, that’s when a new set of aligners should be fitted. But beware, even though the braces may get loose in a few days, you should not switch them before two weeks have passed. This will ensure that your teeth and gum are used to the new alignment. Otherwise, you will mess up the rearrangement plan that has been set by the Invisalign provider.

The orthodontist will set an appointment every six months, to check up on your progress and determine any discrepancies in the realignment process. If so, the dentist will opt to make adjustments to your braces, to make up for any unchecked angles.

Prepare for Invisalign

Before the treatment even starts, your mouth and teeth arrangement will be 3D scanned and rendered into a program that determines the course of your alignment process.

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Is Invisalign Right for Me?

Invisalign doesn’t work for some of the more prominent jaw alignment issues, including crossbites or worse cases of the crooked tooth. That is where the smile assessment procedure is offered by your reliable Invisalign dentist, to calculate if the treatment will bear the preferred results. This assessment is not as realistic as a dentist’s assessment of your teeth, and the course of treatment.

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