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How to Write a Personal Care Services Proposal?

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Today, aging has little to do with what we still imagined at the beginning of the 20th century. Thanks to the immense progress of medicine and, for some, to cosmetic surgery. The fifties have become the new thirties, while the seventies sometimes live like dashing fifties. However, despite the increase in life expectancy, it is not all rosy for our seniors – especially since there is a big difference between life expectancy and healthy life expectancy for personal care services in Buck County.

Suppose our elders will have plans. In that case, they still do not deserve to be treated like animals from a clandestine zoo which is, unfortunately, the case in some houses of squalid retreat. To find out what our seniors have in mind, we asked several of them to tell us what they thought of how people treated them daily. To better understand the idea regarding personal care services in Buck County, we hope to include them in the personal care services plan.

Call Me By My First Name

A few years ago, as I made my way through the Buck County blizzard, I encountered a huge snowdrift, the kind of natural wall that the American capital is famous for. I hesitated for a few seconds, not knowing what to do to overcome this barrier. That’s when two teenagers caught up with me and gave me a violent “Get out of here, old man.” Followed by a bold laugh characteristic of 15-year-old boys amid a hormonal crisis.

On that day, I understood that in the eyes of some, I was now old. Not just old in the sense of the guy who has reached a certain age, but old in the dimension “we could get rid of you because you have become a burden on everyone.” It is the dominant culture in the United States. In movies and series, older people are often unpredictable, a little crazy, a little stupid. We all have the image of an old person in front of a computer who needs the help of his grandson to send an email. I’m very scared of the day when nurses and orderlies will call me “my dear.” Call me by my first name, that’s all as narrated by Martin, who is 69 years old.

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Young Forever

I will say something that seems obvious, but it is fashionable to remember: no senior that I know defines himself as “old.” Keep this in mind when chatting with a senior. I still feel like I’m 45 today. I’m still in good shape. I had a click the day some cute guy let me have his seat on the bus when I was out of breath and wet from the rain. For a few seconds, I thought it was a chivalrous act, pure kindness for a damsel in distress. It was only after that that I understood that it was undoubtedly tenderness towards an elderly person. But that’s okay: the important thing is the intention. It should be considered for personal care services in Buck County.

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