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How to Teach Your Kids About Proper Dental Care

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For any parent, there are lots of things to teach your kids. You want to raise them to become hygienic, respectful, and productive members of society. However, most parents turn a blind eye to instilling positive habits for their kids’ dental care.

Do you know around 1 in 5 kids aged between 5 and 11 years have at least one decayed tooth not checked by a dentist? A proper diet and good oral hygiene can help your kid prevent future oral problems like tooth decay and gum diseases.

From a tender age, you want to teach your children proper dental health habits. This will kickstart the lifelong journey to a healthy and beautiful smile.

But getting children to brush their teeth is a challenge for many parents. Some children simply dislike brushing and flossing their teeth. Others are trying to test their boundaries, and cleaning their teeth is one of the activities they’ve opted to use to affirm their independence.

Here are simple techniques on how to teach your kids about proper dental care.

Allow Them to Choose Their Toothbrush

Your kid will enjoy brushing with their favorite toothbrush. With a myriad of options for children’s toothbrushes, your little one can find one with their favorite character. This will make them devoted to brushing.

When brushing their teeth, you can sing them a song to ensure they take at least two minutes as recommended.

Read Your Kid Book About Kids Dental Care

There are lots of toothbrushing books for children that you can find online. Reading toothbrushing books to your kids has several benefits. Apart from them learning the importance of proper dental care, they may become lovers of reading.

Also, reading your child a book before ending the day can be a great bonding experience.

Lead by Example

Your children mimic things you do, including brushing and flossing your teeth. You might want to let them watch you as you brush your teeth, so they want to do the same. Also, make it look fun and exciting to lure them.

With a commentary, teach them what they are supposed to do while brushing.

You can visit this local kids dentist if your child has any dental health issues.

Create a Reward System

If your kids remember to brush and floss their teeth twice a day, reward them for the job well done. Children love being rewarded, and they will invest in tooth brushing to receive the gifts. In the end, brushing and flossing become a part of them.

You don’t have to reward them with some expensive gifts or prizes. Have a goodie basket with some inexpensive toys or whatever your children love. When they complete brushing and flossing their teeth for two minutes, let them take a prize from the goodie basket.

Use the Above Techniques to Teach Your Kids Proper Dental Care

Like anything else you are trying to teach your kid, learning oral health habits won’t happen overnight. Your kid may need supervision till the age of six before they brush their teeth consistently. However, the proper techniques make the experience fun, enjoyable, and easy for your kid.

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