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How to Stay Sober After Rehab: A Quick Guide

Hussain Ali

Quitting your drug of choice is a huge step. But, it’s just one of many you’ll make on the long road to recovery, where resolving to stay sober can mean changing your mindset, habits, and even your friends. 

When so much change is necessary for overcoming a drug problem, the future can feel lonely and uncertain. This is why it’s so crucial to have a plan in place once your stay in a drug treatment rehab facility is over. 

With commitment, patience, and the right kind of support, a new start is within your reach. Read on to find out our tips for staying sober. 

Arrange an Aftercare Plan

A solid aftercare plan is a must for ensuring that your drug addiction recovery process is as smooth as possible. This plan might involve outpatient treatment, attending support meetings, or connecting with a sponsor. 

Your aftercare plan should also include regular therapy sessions. While peer support is very helpful, combining this with professional counseling is often the best way to overcome a drug problem, especially if you have a dual diagnosis

Make Health Your Priority

Following your drug detox program at Hope Rising Recovery, one of the best ways to stay clean is to prioritize your health. Doing so provides you with a new focus in life. Plus, following a healthier lifestyle helps your mind and body heal from the trauma of addiction. 

Focusing on your health means nourishing your body with whole grains, vegetables, and fruits to help to replace any essential nutrients you may be lacking. Adding exercise into the mix will help you sleep better, manage stress, and feel more positive. As a result, you’ll also find any cravings easier to resist. 

Embrace New Hobbies

Staying sober is going to be almost impossible if your friends are still abusing drugs and alcohol. But, while cutting them out of your new sober life is a wise decision, hours spent alone with nothing and no one to fill the void can also make it hard to stay clean. 

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This is why it’s important to find new ways to occupy your body and mind. As well as regular exercise, hobbies like hiking, learning the guitar, and painting are great ways to fill your new life. Just make sure your new pastimes don’t involve alcohol, drugs, or addictive activities like gambling. And, if your new hobbies help you to make new, sober friends, even better! 

Prepare for Relapse

No matter how long you’ve been able to stay clean, anything from bad news to holiday celebrations can lead you right back at any time. 

While it’s true that positive thinking can help fuel your recovery, becoming complacent can make you miss the warning signs of a potential relapse before it’s too late.

Knowing your stressors and establishing effective coping mechanisms will help make relapse less likely. But above all, staying aware of your high chance of relapse is what will keep you vigilant and sober. 

How to Stay Sober After Rehab

As this guide shows, deciding to stay sober means making an ongoing commitment to a better, healthier lifestyle.

And, while the path to recovery is often filled with obstacles, arming yourself with the right tools can make the journey a lot smoother. 

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