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How Much Does Dental Surgery Cost? Tips, How to Prepare, and More

Hussain Ali

Are you looking for a dentist to remove a problematic tooth?

Around a third of American adults fail to see their dentists every year. Not having enough money for dental treatment is one of the reasons they miss dental visits. 

However, without proper attention, simple dental issues can become severe enough to warrant surgery. The dental surgery cost can put an even larger dent in your budget.

Avoid getting into debt by learning about dental costs. We will also discuss how to prepare for your first time dental surgery. Read on and learn more.

Dental Surgery Cost

How much is dental surgery? It depends on the necessary types of dental surgery for your situation. The more severe the problem, the more expensive it will likely become.

On average, a simple tooth extraction costs $75 to $200 for each tooth. If your gum or bone covers the tooth, surgical extraction is necessary. The cost will go up to as much as $600.

For impacted tooth extraction, prepare to spend between $800 and $4,000. Dental implants cost anywhere between $2,400 and $3,000. The amount can increase depending on your anesthesia.

Lowering the Cost 

If you’re searching for cheap dental surgery, learn ways to save on the costs. Talk to different dentists in your area. Ask for quotes and compare their service offerings.

Do you have a long-time family dentist? If so, request a treatment plan and negotiate. Ask them to explain the reason for the procedure and whether a cheaper alternative exists.

When paying in cash, ask for a discount. Even 5% to 10% off on the final bill will help a lot. If you lack dental insurance, ask whether you qualify for an uninsured rate.

Sometimes, dental offices accept deals in exchange for the treatments. For example, graphic designers can improve the dentists’ website to cut the dental surgery cost. Be honest and upfront with your budget.

Preparing for the Surgery

Anxiety is one of the primary reasons keeping people from going to the dentist. Reduce your fear by reading and understanding the pre-operation instructions. The dentist will tell you how to prep for your anesthesia and other treatment-related factors.

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Buy your medicine a day before the procedure. Visit the grocery and pick up the specific food and beverage for your recovery.

Go on a fast 8 hours before the procedure. Sleep early the night before and get someone to drive you to and from the dental office.

Post-Surgery Tips

As you get home from tooth extraction and bone graft, remove the gauze packs from the surgical area. Take soft or liquid food like mashed potatoes, yogurt, and soup. Avoid coffee, soda, and hot beverages for at least 24 hours.

Use a cold compress to minimize bruising and swelling. Take pain relievers like ibuprofen. Lastly, rest and avoid engaging in strenuous activities.

Learn More About Dental Costs Now

Understanding the dental surgery cost allows you to prepare your finances and expand your options. Also, our post-surgery tips ensure your recovery within a reasonable period.

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