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How Dental Implants are inserted?

Rahul Yadav
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Like dental braces dental implant is another ground breaking invention in dental treatment.It is our desire that our teeth will last strongly during our lifetime.But we everyone are not so lucky at all.We lose our teeth throughout many coincidences.

At a time our teeth fall down because of aging.Also young people lose their teeth.Dental implant is such a dental treatment by which we can get back our fallen teeth.It’s a long time process like dental braces treatment.We discussed about dental implants in our last two lessons.Today we will discuss how dental implants are inserted.

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Dentists perform dental implant surgery as an outpatient surgery in stages with healing time between procedures.Multiple steps are involved with the process of placing dental implant. Such as

  • Damaged tooth removal
  • Grafting
  • Emplacement of dental implant
  • Bone growth and healing
  • Placement of abutment
  • Placement of artificial tooth

From start to finish many months could be taken by the entire process.We can devote mass of that time to healing and waiting for the growth.Dentist can combine certain steps like special procedure materials during the procedure.It depends on patient’s situation.

Preparation of dental implant

Bone grafting might be needed before dental implant if our jaw bone isn’t enough thick or is too soft. Because our bone are exerted with great pressure by the powerful chewing action of our mouth.The surgery would fail if our bone can’t support the implant.Then a more solid base can be created by bone graft for the implant.

To rebuild a jaw bone several bone graft materials can be used.Some of the bone grafts are natural bone graft, synthetic bone graft.Natural bone graft means a bone graft from another location of our body and synthetic bone graft means bond substitute materials.Bone substitute materials are able to support structures for new bone growth.

Several months might be taken for the transplanted bone to grow enough new bone to support a dental implant.


Usually dentists insert the implants under local anaesthesia.They cut the jum and push back to expose the underlying bone when the local anaesthesia injection has worked.Then they drill a hole into the bone and screw the place with stitches. It might be taken several weeks to disappear the stitches.Usually half an hour is taken to place a single implant.If someone has more than one implant placed then it will take longer.Unlikely the patients have very sore after implant surgery.

But they can get relief by taking regular painkillers.After the implant we will still have a gap at our tooth missing point. Then we can place their a type of partial temporary denture.While we go for sleep we can remove the denture for cleaning.The way of swelling has a little relativity.After finishing the procedure dentists advise to take the rest of the day off work.Again it is needed for us to stay at home for a few days.

There is an important thing to remember that patients cannot drive or operate machinery for 24 hours if they have been placed lots of implants.Then time requires 48 hours after general anaesthesia.After the implants are inserted it is must to keep the surgical site clean for the first few weeks.Cleaning around the area might be difficult because it is sore.Sore is a case and so it’s better to keep the area free from food .For this we can wash our mouth gently with warm salt water.

The doctor will have prescribed a course of antibiotics.We have to take the antibiotics to reduce chances of infection.Though a little bleeding might be at the time of surgery this usually stops very soon.If we use antibiotics infection never attacks.Again there may be an uncommon problem that some nerves may like close to the site of surgery if we have implants into our lower jaw.

Feelings may be supplied to our lower lip chin and lower teeth by it.Feelings are also supplied to our tongue and it helps us with taste.When doctor places an implant the nerves may bruises.The bruised nerve chances depend on the place the implant is going to be placed.Also we will be informed about our risk by our surgeon.

Placing the Abutment

Additional surgery might be needed to place the abutment after completing the  osseointegration.Abutment means the piece where  the crown will eventually attach.The process of placing the abutment are

  1. Our jum will be reopened by our oral surgeon to expose the dental implant.
  2. Then the dentist will attach the abutment to the dental implant.
  3. Now the jum tissue is closed but not over the abutment.

Dentists attach the abutment with dental implant metal past when the past is implanted.Any extra surgical step is not needed for us.


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