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How Cycling Improves your Health?

Jim Mumford

“Fitness is not about being better than someone else. It’s about being better than you used to be.” truly said, Khloe Kardashian, an American media personality, socialite, and model.

To stay healthy and fit, you must exercise regularly. Regular exercise can protect yourself from serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease depression, diabetes, and arthritis. Cycling often is among the best ways to decrease the risk of developing health issues that are a result of sedentary living.

Cycling is a safe activity that is low-impact and will be appreciated by individuals at all stages of life, ranging from youngsters to old age. It’s fun inexpensive, affordable, and beneficial for the environment.

Cycling to work or to go to the store is one of the most efficient ways to incorporate regular exercise with your regular routine. Around one billion people use bicycles each day to travel, leisurely and for sport.

Cardiovascular Fitness:

Cycling can also improve your heart health which is one of its major advantages. Cycling lowers the risk of dying from all causes by over 40%, while also reducing the chance of developing heart disease and cancer to 45 percent. Additionally, everyday cycling can help improve the health of your heart.

A 30-minute ride every day can lower your chances of contracting other illnesses like kidney failure and diabetes. This is due to the fact that cycling helps in burning around 300 calories an hour. Cycling is an excellent aerobic exercise to burn fat and build muscles, particularly in the hips and the legs.

If you ride for longer durations it will be possible to cover greater distances with a greater speed. As time passes you’ll improve your endurance while your muscles aid you to ride more quickly for longer durations. This will provide you with a great feeling of achievement as well.

Immune System:

Cyclists are excellent experts when it comes to being healthy and fit during the storm, wind, and freezing cold. In many instances, professional cyclists have demonstrated through their own experience what’s been observed in various research studies. The immune system’s performance can be enhanced through physical activity and recovery in the fresh air. It is extremely beneficial for you to be exposed to different temperatures and cold stimuli.

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This improves the immune system’s efficiency and increases its resistance to colds. If you exercise outdoors the more light is captured by the retina which increases vitamin production and boosts immunity. But, this beneficial effect can only be achieved through engaging for a long period of cycling.

An example of a working professional who has incorporated cycling into his daily regime is Richard Nahas. He is a Physician, Healer, and Innovator in the medical industry.

Mental Health:

Cardio and cycling are in a direct relationship, but you may not realize that exercising even for short periods can benefit the brain too. It’s true that cycling for just 15 minutes can help improve your memory. provides a report on a study that found that cycling improves the memory of people who are older enough that it’s being touted as a way to lower the risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease. It’s logical. When we cycle (whether outside or indoors) it increases the amount of blood flowing through our body and, more importantly in the brain. According to research, this creates a larger than ever before connected brain through expanding the white matter neuron cells, nerve cells, and brain cells, while also stimulating the areas of the brain that assist in the creation of memories.

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