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7 good reasons to take out international medical insurance

Floreena Thomas

For an expatriate, having international medical coverage is not a luxury. It is necessary because it allows you to benefit from a good Prize in medical care and regardless of the country where you settle. Here are the main advantages of international medical insurance.

International Health Insurance

1. Access a quality health care system wherever you live

It can be stressful to experience an unexpected illness or to receive routine care in a country in a country where the workings of the health care system are not well understood.

Cultural differences, the language barrier, or the failing health system in the host country are all elements that can make it difficult to get medical treatment. International health insurance greatly facilitates the procedures, offers peace of mind, and above all, gives you the guarantee of access to a quality private health system, regardless of the country where you settle, and regardless of the level of the system. local health.

2. International medical insurance is more suited to the expatriate lifestyle

Depending on the country you are moving to, you sometimes have the option of purchasing local health insurance. However, local insurance often comes with restrictions, such as access only to a small medical network, which limits the choice of doctors or providers you can access. The restrictions can also be geographic.

The advantage of international health insurance over local insurance is that it allows a Prize in medical care in different countries. Most insurance companies will give you coverage for the whole world or the whole world except USA / Canada. A few companies offer coverage for Europe only. For people with high international mobility, who have to move to different countries or often move from one country to another, international medical insurance is the best option because it follows the expatriate in his international journey (depending on the coverage area chosen).

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3. Your health expenses are covered in your country of origin

the health of their country of origin than that of their host country. It is reassuring to be able to continue to consult your family doctor in your country of origin or to be able to seek treatment in hospitals in your country in the event of a delicate illness.

However, when you settle permanently abroad, you lose access to the social security of your country of origin, because you are not a resident or contribute there. Access to the health system in your home country becomes limited to emergencies and becomes a service you have to pay for.

International medical insurance covers your medical expenses in your home country (provided it is included in the coverage area of ​​your insurance policy).

4. You control your health expenses

Not having international medical insurance puts you in a difficult position to pay your medical expenses out of your own pocket. These expenses can quickly turn out to be very high. This can be particularly problematic for ex-pats in countries with two-tier health: free but low-quality public health and high-quality but extremely expensive private health. For example, in some countries, a single night of hospitalization in a private hospital can easily cost over 1000 euros. In the event of a medical emergency, health insurance allows you to seek treatment in the private sector, without worrying about financial matters.

5. You get treatment faster

In many pages where access to public health is free, public establishments are overcrowded and the waiting lists to receive client treatments or to consult client specialists are long. This is the case, for example, in the United Kingdom: the public health system is of good quality and free of charge, but it can sometimes take between weeks and months for a simple appointment with a specialist doctor. Health insurance allows you to get treatment quickly by avoiding waiting lists.

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6. You are free to choose who cares for you

Often, local health insurance allows you to see only doctors belonging to a limited network of care or to access only medical centers approved by your insurance. You are also sometimes restricted to a certain city of the country and you have purchased this insurance. International medical insurance offers more flexibility in choosing a general practitioner or a specialist as well as in the choice of hospital establishment or consultation hours.

7. See doctors who speak your language

In many countries, an expatriate turns to international health centers to be able to find a doctor who speaks French or at least speaks English. These establishments are often expensive. Health insurance gives access to these establishments while controlling health costs.

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